Thursday, October 16, 2008

My taste buds thank you

My absolute favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory. We don't have one near us, but have planned trips around cities that have them. The Big Man tries something new every time, but I get the exact same thing every time. We haven't been since we stopped (intentionally) in Birmingham last year on the way to the mountains. So, the Big Man had to go near Birmingham on Tuesday for a meeting. He packed an ice chest with him, and brought my favorite meal to me!!!! I couldn't believe it. I sort of had a hint that he might get cheesecake, but had no idea he'd get my favorite meal as well. So, here it is:

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Key Lime Cheesecake

Oh my soul. I'm thinking it's already time for a road trip.

So, thank you Big Man...I enjoyed it thoroughly for two meals, and because it was so very thoughtful.

Here is where you can help. We recently found out that there is a PF Chang's near us. A few people have told us that their lettuce wraps are even better than Cheesecake Factory's. Has anyone out there had both and can give me an opinion?

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!!!


melissa said...

Never been to P.F. Changs. But-what are you waiting for,girl? Go and then report back here on the lettuce wraps!

How very thoughtful of the Big Man to bring back your favorite meal!

Chel said...

Awe.. the Big Man is so very thoughtful! How cute is that?! I have both restaurants within 2 miles of my house and I'm going to admit I haven't had lettuce wraps at either place... I guess I'm going to NOW! :)
I'm curious.
I hope you enjoyed your meal. yum.