Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That was quick.

So my parents are already leaving tomorrow. We kept pretty busy while they were here. I think T. Willy will especially miss them. He spent the last two nights with them and is going to be lost without his constant playmates. My mom played a lot of Wii with him and my dad took him for walks and played outside with him for hours. They also both took turns picking him up from and taking him to school. My mom and I finally went to that movie today. It was a lot of fun, and nice for the two of us to get away.

I am subbing tomorrow and Friday, so that is keeping me nice and busy. MK is stressing because she still doesn't know what to be for Halloween. I have given her dozens of ideas, but she always finds reasons to reject them. I can't wait to see what she finally comes up with. T. Willy is still going to be a pirate. I really hope he doesn't change his mind.

The Big Man and MK have been under the weather, so they went to the doctor yesterday. MK was just starting to get sick, so we may have avoided the worst. I am afraid the Big Man waited too long. The doctor described his throat as the worst he had seen in weeks. It made him miserable but tested negative for strep. He is off for the next couple of days. Hopefully the rest will help.

And that's it from us. Have a great day! Feel free to pass along any Halloween costume ideas. She and her friend would like to pair up, but can't agree either. They've rejected Laverne and Shirley and Lucy and Ethel (neither one wanted to be Ethel.) I am tired of making suggestions. Maybe she'll listen to someone else!

Have a wonderful night!!!

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Chel said...

Your time with your parents sounds wonderful! SO glad you all had a great time together.

When I was younger and my friends and I couldn't come up with anything, we put on cute pajamas, hair in pigtails, freckles on the face, pacifier around the neck, slippers on and were "babies." I'm not good at coming up with anything! Good luck!