Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We were touched by death twice this weekend. The first was a man who has been a part of my family's life since before I was born. He and his wife were very dear friends of my parents and if I remember correctly the first people to introduce themselves when my parents started attending the church that they still attend. He had battled health problems for quite some time, and was even hospitalized once when I was there, while the doctors were telling us to say goodbye. Incidentally, that was before T. Willy was born. That day I just sat by his bed and held his hand. He and his wife had agreed to "take me in" if something ever happened to my parents. At our wedding, they told the Big Man, "She's yours now," because they took that very seriously. I know that Mrs. V. is mourning today, but rejoicing in the hope of seeing him again.

The second was a friend from church. We weren't close, but she was a presence and always cheerful and friendly. She was also our age. She leaves a husband and three young children. We ate out on Sunday morning and saw her and her family there. She was so weak and in a wheelchair, so her kids were holding doors open. I grabbed the fourth door so I had a chance to say hello. It is quite shocking. She had been ill, but I think we were all hoping she would pull through.

Life is short.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wrapping up

There are eight school days left in the year. Hooray! I have loved this year, but now that it is winding down, we are all ready for it to end. Today we had "camera day" and took lots and lots of pictures. I am going to post some. I did get permission from parents. I took a picture of myself with each student and plan to print them and then write a letter to each child and attach their pictures. It is amazing how attached I have become to each of these kids.

They journal every morning. I give them a topic and they write about it, then I respond to them. Yesterday the topic was to write about a special memory of the year. Today they were to write about what they will remember most about me. The most popular responses had to do with my, and I quote, "big bushy hair," and my red Liberty hoodie. It is often freezing in my room, so I keep the jacket at school most of the time. Once I exchanged it for another jacket and they revolted. So it was appropriate that I am wearing my jacket and having a "big bushy" hair day.

I am also going to add a picture, albeit squinty, of two of my coworkers and me. These two women have become so dear to me this year. We can talk about anything and share each other's burdens. I am not a woman who has a lot of "girlfriends," but these two qualify.

It was also red day at school to show support for the troops. It wasn't just a big coincidence. Although, I would wear red every day if I could.

So that is a literal snapshot into my life. I will miss this school very much, but am eager to see what lies ahead.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Party pictures

Not much going on. I was going to teach a summer class, but it was cancelled, so I am enjoying the extra time. As soon as my dryer goes off, my laundry will be all caught up, I cleaned out T. Willy's room today and even managed to cook dinner. I think the family is appreciative that the class was cancelled. Only about 3 weeks left of school, and then I'll be officially unemployed, but I plan to really enjoy the summer!

I just thought I'd post a few pictures of the party and then go to bed. I didn't ask any parents for permission to show their kids, so it's just a picture of MK and her smore, her "Hello Kitty" cupcakes and the tents in the morning.

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Slumber party...NOT!

When T. Willy was born we set the alarm on our house to chime every time a door opened, so that we would hear him in the event of an escape. I rethought that around 5:00 this morning. I "slept" on the living room sofa just in case they needed anything. Apparently they needed to enter and exit the house a few dozen times. However, I think they had a good time. Some of them actually slept for a few hours. MK and a couple of friends slept on the hammock under the stars for a couple of hours. I am pretty sure she will enjoy a long nap today. They have been swimming already this morning and made their own breakfasts, played Wii and are now playing Rock Band. I am laughing that I had visions of them sleeping in and not having time for breakfast before their parents came to get them. How naive!!! Two girls left last night and two have already left...only 7 to go!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Field Day and Slumber Party

Today was the last Field Day at our school. Everything is like that: the last this, the last that. But it was a lot of fun, and if I can figure it out, will post a picture of a coworker and me after we were pelted with water balloons.

My night class ended on Wednesday. All but 2 people passed, and I am so sad about the two that didn't. I loved the class, and have signed up for another one for the summer, but the numbers are light, so I don't know if I will get to do it. It's a different level of English, but should still be fun.

Finally, MK is having a slumber party tonight. The girls are here and wild already. They are playing "Rock Band" right now, so I stole some time away to blog. One girl realized that her boyfriend (yes, they're 13) lives around the corner and has asked no less than 5 times to go to his house, or if we could invite him here. Ugh. I will be keeping an eye on her. We borrowed some tents from some generous friends who even helped by putting them up! Great friends, thank you W & K! We are going to roast hot dogs and make smores...should be fun. I will post pictures tomorrow if I am awake enough to think!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

I am the mother of a teenager!!! Happy Birthday, MK!!!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I loooove....

So yesterday T. Willy and I were driving into the parking lot at school. I mentioned to him that we were following Miss Becky, another teacher at school. He said, "I love...I looove....I looooove...." and I was expecting him to say Miss Becky. Instead he said, "I love Mr. Mike's parking space."

Friday, May 02, 2008

Busted again!

That is what I get for using real names in a previous post. You know who you are! I hope you'll write and let me know how you're doing!!!


I have to admit; High School Musical on Ice was very entertaining. We sat on the ice, the most amazing seats I've ever had. The kids loved it...I sat by screaming girls (and boys - don't tell them I know) and they sang and danced and had a blast. But what did they come back to school talking about? In one scene, a character rips off his shirt to change into another. I finally had to ask them to stop talking about it, and still 2 girls wrote about it in their journals yesterday morning. Oh well. They had so much fun and were very well behaved. I have one student who is, we'll say, unpredictable. I sat right behind her to monitor her. No need...she was mesmerized from the second the lights went down until they came up. She didn't move. I have never seen that from her before. Too bad our classroom isn't sponsored by Disney.

The Big Man kept Ty home from school yesterday and took him strawberry picking. He sent pictures throughout the day and texted what they were doing. They had so much fun that T. Willy asked to go to bed at 7:30, when normally he doesn't go till sometime after 8. He was exhausted.

After the show, I had a doctor's appointment that I had been absolutely dreading. I have had a mole on my nose for quite a long time. It wasn't too bothersome, except when I wear glasses I could feel it. I scheduled an appointment about removing it last year and completely "forgot" to go. Anyway, I actually went to the appointment on Wednesday. It was the last appointment of the day, so I figured they would look at it, evaluate and then schedue the removal. Wrong...she removed it right then. It was the most painless procedure I've ever had. I didn't feel the shot, didn't feel the removal and still feel no pain or even tenderness. I can't believe I put it off for so long. It had been there since at least high school, and now it's GONE!

So, that's it for us. Have a great day!!!