Friday, July 28, 2006

What a great idea!

One of my hobbies is touring homes for sale via I pick a city and look inside homes and get decorating ideas. It also satisfies my incurable nosiness. Boomama (see sidebar because I STILL can't figure out how to insert a link. Duh!) took it one step better. She has asked bloggers to post pictures of their own homes. So, here are some pictures of our Florida home.

Front Door:

Blog Station:

Main Living Area - a couple of views:

Kitchen eating area:

My choice: I chose the media room and T. Willy's room. MK's room is getting a makeover soon. School starts next week so that is my next project. The paint is here and ready, I just have to get motivated.

So, that's some of our house. Please post your own pictures and let me know if you did! Have a great day and thanks, Boomama (see sidebar)!

Monday, July 17, 2006

MK - don't get too used to it!

Each year MK goes to New Orleans to visit the Big Man's family and to attend VBS at their church. This is actually her last year to go to VBS as a "kid" but hopes to be a helper in the next years, especially when T. Willy can go. This year we were debating how to get her there. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive, not a big deal, but everyone had things going on so we were trying to figure things out. It turns out that my in-laws have some friends who own a beach home in our area and were there and returning to the N.O. area on Sunday on a private plane. It worked out that they were able to take MK with them! I think I was more excited than she was. I was so excited that she was willing to try this adventure. It wasn't her first flight, but it was the first time she had flown without me. Fortunately, she knows the family and they have a son near her age. So here are a few pictures of her big adventure. I just hope that flying coach isn't going to be too hard for her after that! We appreciate the family and their willingness to let her join them. The Big Man has some days off at the end of the week so we'll all drive over to get her.

Please don't forget the Gulf Coast in your prayers! Things are NOT normal and won't be for a long, long time. Take a look at my sidebar at the FBC site if you get a chance. It's my in-law's church and there are pictures of some of the work the teams have been doing.

Have a great day!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Look what MK found in our garage today!!!!

I am not afraid of spiders, but even this was ick! I took the picture first and then killed it!

We aren't quite sure what it was in its web and its death was swift so I didn't check to see if the red marking was on its abdomen or back. But still...yuck.

MK had her first band practice today. She really enjoyed it which was a relief to all of us. I finally had a chance to go inside her new school. It is much bigger than her elementary but I think she is going to be just fine. It starts August 3 so this is a good chance for her to meet some people and get used to being there. T. Willy and I went to the library which is conveniently located across the street. Then we came home and she practiced for us all. It took her a long time to make a noise but once she figured it out, she did really well.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Old Friends, New Friends


Wow...what a busy month!!! It goes something like this: school for me, busy fun for my parents and the kids, work for the Big Man, drive from FL to NC to visit wonderful family we haven't seen in tooooo long, drive from NC to DE to visit wonderful family and friends we see more often but still not enough, crabs and a softball game, a trip to VA to visit our college alma mater - all I can say about that is wow!!!fireworks, swimming, ice skating - FINALLY meeting up with Melissa (wish I would take the time to learn to insert a link there, oh well, check out the sidebar)and her wonderful kids and sister(the last time I saw Thom I think she was a teenager!!!), a trip to "John Boy's" homeplace (and getting in the middle of a catfight between the proprietors of the museum and a gift shop), good bye to the Big Man who drove home while I rode back to DE with my brother, a fun 4th of July party with more friends, sending MK on a trip to NYC with my mom, brother and a new friend, K, one day of sinus trouble and rest, a sub, a trip to DE's famous Dairy Palace, and 2 unremarkable plane rides home. I'll try to sum up in photos. Whew!

MK and T. Willy on the front porch of the CB where the Big Man was working when MK was born. There were still some employees there that remembered him.

The Big Man and MK standing outside of my dorm...I lived in this dorm for 2 years, on the first and then the second's where I met Melissa and where I lived when the Big Man and I first became friends and then started dating.

MK and me at the new church on campus.