Friday, October 31, 2008

Ups and Downs

I subbed today at MK's school. I had very good instructions from the teacher, and was all ready for a good day. The schedule relied heavily on technology, but technology was not my friend today. When I finally figured out how to play the video we were supposed to watch for 3/5 of each class period, and placing a 6:50 a.m. call to the teacher who probably thought he was going to get to sleep in, I was able to relax a bit. Then 10 minutes into the 30 minute video, it shut off and restarted. Fortunately, the classes were good, and had plenty of other things to keep themselves busy; however, it did create a little stress for me. Usually I dress up a bit to sub. MK usually approves my outfits and shoes, because apparently her friends keep track, but today I wasn't up to it. Of course, today would be the first time I get to meet the principal. Way to make an impression. I wasn't sloppy or anything, just not dressed up, heels, big hair...I was blouse, pants, loafers and a ponytail. Egads...Hello, principal W. whom I hope will hire me someday, I'm Annette, I have degrees in English and Reading, and yes, I wear a ponytail. What a day!

But now it's over and we're home. The kids are excited about trick or treating. The Big Man is working late tonight, so I am going to walk the kids around and leave our home unmanned. We are going with the honor system and placing a large bowl of candy on the front porch. We'll see how it works out. MK was going to walk with some friends in another neighborhood, but I decided it would be better if she came with us in ours. She is a good help with T. Willy going up to the doors.

And last night was the last football game of the year and of MK's middle school years. They combined two middle school and the high school bands for the halftime show, so here is a picture of it. They took up the entire field. It was most impressive.

Have a great day and Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holy strikeout, Batman!

The season is over and the Phillies are World Champions!!! I'm a little excited! I was in sixth grade the last time they won the Series. There will be a party in Philly tonight!

So much for global warming

It has been cold here! Not snowing as it was in New Jersey yesterday, but definitely cold. Tomorrow is MK's last football game of middle school. Due to extreme budget cuts, the band did not travel with the football team. So we only attended home games this year. But we still had a great time and I will be sorry to see it end. The two middle schools in town are playing each other and their bands are joining the high school band for the final performance.

I am also hoping that the baseball season ends tonight!

My parents left this morning. My mom sent a text from South Carolina saying that all was well. They are stopping to visit a friend tonight then should get back to Delaware tomorrow.

Today I subbed at MK's school. It was a pleasant experience as always. It is so neat to be there and see MK and so many of the kids that I've known for so long. Today was "mismatch" day. I'll try to post a picture of MK and her friend when I can get actual computer time. They went all out and looked great.

So that's an update from us. The girls finally decided on their costumes. I'll be sure to post pictures. I think this year will be harder to guess than last year, but I'll see what you think.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That was quick.

So my parents are already leaving tomorrow. We kept pretty busy while they were here. I think T. Willy will especially miss them. He spent the last two nights with them and is going to be lost without his constant playmates. My mom played a lot of Wii with him and my dad took him for walks and played outside with him for hours. They also both took turns picking him up from and taking him to school. My mom and I finally went to that movie today. It was a lot of fun, and nice for the two of us to get away.

I am subbing tomorrow and Friday, so that is keeping me nice and busy. MK is stressing because she still doesn't know what to be for Halloween. I have given her dozens of ideas, but she always finds reasons to reject them. I can't wait to see what she finally comes up with. T. Willy is still going to be a pirate. I really hope he doesn't change his mind.

The Big Man and MK have been under the weather, so they went to the doctor yesterday. MK was just starting to get sick, so we may have avoided the worst. I am afraid the Big Man waited too long. The doctor described his throat as the worst he had seen in weeks. It made him miserable but tested negative for strep. He is off for the next couple of days. Hopefully the rest will help.

And that's it from us. Have a great day! Feel free to pass along any Halloween costume ideas. She and her friend would like to pair up, but can't agree either. They've rejected Laverne and Shirley and Lucy and Ethel (neither one wanted to be Ethel.) I am tired of making suggestions. Maybe she'll listen to someone else!

Have a wonderful night!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just another day

So the birthday celebrations have come to an end. But it was a wonderful weekend! Many friends and family made it very special, and I want to thank each one of you who did. You know who you are!

My parents came over for breakfast on Saturday. I made french toast, my favorite, and then we left T. Willy with my dad, the Big Man went to work, and MK, my mom, and I went to the band competition. The middle school was just doing an exhibition for the high schools, but they did a great job, and made us proud! After the middle school played, we watched a couple of bands in the competition, then went to the Big Man's restaurant for dinner. We had a server named Jeff. We've known Jeff for years. He started working there in high school, I think, and just finished college, and will be leaving for the National Guard in January. MK has always thought a lot of him, because he has always been kind to her, and has never treated her like a kid, but like a real person. T. Willy is under his spell now. During the meal, he asked how to spell Jeff, and wrote it on the menu. Then he said, "I like Jeff. I am going to make him on Wii." And that it the first thing he did when he got home. There is no higher praise for him than making a Wii character in your likeness.

After dinner my mom and I went back to the high school to watch the rest of the competition. It was really good. Our hometown high school performed but did not compete, since they were the hosts. But they were amazing! We live in a band town, and it was evident. Wow!

Yesterday we went to Pensacola with my parents. Some friends of theirs moved there from Delaware a couple of years ago, so we went to church with them, then out to lunch. T. Willy made another friend...the husband, "Mr. Buddy." He wouldn't leave the poor man alone. You may have guessed that we now have a Mii named "Buddy." It was a fun day, and nice to meet some new people.

Today I subbed at MK's school, and I lined up two more days of subbing. I love it at the school, so that was great news. Otherwise, there is NO news on the job horizon. Not even an interview. It's discouraging, but if the subbing keeps up, it will be okay. I found out that the friend who started me subbing there is reading my blog now. So, thank you, KS, for putting a good word in for me! Now may I read your blog?

That's about it. Have a great day. I'll leave you with a picture of the band. It's nothing new, just a daytime picture. MK is on the 3rd row from the right, but it's really too hard to see her well. Also, I've included a picture of me before my birthday...savoring any youth that I have left. Oh I crack myself up. Seriously, age doesn't bother me a bit! Have a great day!

As I close, the Phillies are winning 2-0 in the fourth inning. This could clinch the Series for them. Go, Phils!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


That's about as pirate as I can get. Tonight was a fall festival at T. Willy's school. He chose his costume, and we kind of pieced it together. I don't sew, except to make repairs, and didn't want something totally store bought. So this is what we came up with. He enjoyed it until he saw a picture of himself with the "beard." Oh well. My parents were able to go with us and we all had fun. Too bad the Big Man had to work. It was really crowded, but they kept it moving pretty well. So here are MK and T. Willy before we left.

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday!

How many birthdays have you celebrated so far? 38
When's your next one coming up? It's tomorrow!!
If you could get anything, realistically speaking, what would you ask for? (It's my birthday, why be realistic?) Jewelry
If you could ask for something magic or like superpowers, which kind? I wish I could fly.
Who do you want to be with during your birthdays? Family. This wish came parents are here!!!
How do you plan to celebrate your upcoming birthday? We are going to a band competition at MK's school, then out to dinner, and at some point this weekend, a movie. I rarely get to go to movies in the theater, so this is a big deal, because I love to go to movies.

Happy Birthday!
What was the best birthday present you've ever received? There are so many...hard to name just one. But I would have to say getting the Mustang painted for my 16th (story below.) The Big Man also gave me a leather skirt when we were in college, and that was a pretty good one too.
What was the best birthday you've ever had? Hands down, my 16th.
Why was it so great? We had tons of people at my house, and it was just a blast! My mom was scraping candy corn off the basement floor, but people helped her clean up, so she didn't seem to mind.
What is your fave birthday activity, even if you haven't done it (yet)? Going out to dinner.
Who would you love to come to your birthday to celebrate with you? Since my parents are already here, I would say my brother and his family and Shannon and her family.
Blowin' out the candles
What did your family do to celebrate your birth? My dad tried to call our family, but no one was home, so he called the operator, because he had to tell someone. I suspect my mom rested.
What happened for your 7th birthday? I had a party and got the Bionic Woman action figure!!!
What happened for your 12th birthday? Since my birthday is close to Halloween, I had a costume party. I dressed like a nun.
What happened for your sweet 16th? My mom checked me out of school early to get my driver's license, and I had a party. My dad bought a 1967 Mustang when I was in 3rd grade or so, and it pretty much moved from our garage to our driveway for years. When I was about to turn 16, I asked my dad if he could get it running. He did. It had been green and pretty rusty, but during the party, he brought it home and had gotten it painted candy apple red. It was beautiful and is such a great memory! I loved that car. I still miss it.
What happened for your 21st birthday? I worked that night, but my mom had roses delivered to me at work.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
Would you be okay with dying on your birthday? One of my grandmothers did, and the other was buried on her birthday, so it's a likelihood, and that's just as good a day as any. Hopefully not this one, though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday night

We were so excited for my parents to be here tonight to watch MK play with the band. Unfortunately it was pouring rain and the band did not play. My parents and I sat through the first half in the rain, then we left. It was still fun, albeit very wet and cold, and my mom has developed a new taste for Florida football fare...boiled peanuts. (I realize boiled peanuts aren't exclusive to Florida, but I couldn't resist the alliteration.) Now we are home and trying to get warm. I just watched West Virginia beat Auburn tonight, but the Phillies are losing right now, so I'm going to go and watch and will them to win. Good night!


There are definitely more, but here are three good things today: the Phillies won last night! My parents arrived safely yesterday!! I am using my new phone right now!!!

I am getting ready for school, but I wanted to mention those things. I hope at least three wonderful things happen to you today!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Phillies

I am so excited that the Phillies are in the World Series, but these games will not be relaxing to watch. So I'll just post a picture of me in my Phillies fair weather fan am I. These things are old and hoping for a win!!!


The AT&T store was not any help yesterday. I called Apple's helpline and really only heard, "You need to get to an Apple store." But, at the time, we thought our closest Apple store was in Atlanta, a good 5 hour drive away. We learned, however, that there is one in Birmingham. So I am posting right now from my brand new replacement phone from Birmingham. It was still a 3 1/2 hour drive, but they replaced my phone instead of making me pay full cost. I am very happy! And I have a new case, and hope this never happens again. We were in the same shopping center that the Big Man came to last week to buy my Cheesecake Factory meal, but, understandably, we didn't stop today. We are heading home, because my parents are coming today! I hope you have something fun to look forward to today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A sad, sad day

Well, for me at least. I dropped my Iphone this morning and shattered the glass on it. I am so sad. My fingers may atrophy due to lack of texting. I will be heading to the AT&T store after my class.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why I blog

I read several blogs, although not as many as I used to. Today I caught up on some that I haven't read in awhile. In one I learned that the writer who has waited 3 years to adopt a baby from China got her referral and had posted a picture of her baby. She hopes to have her home by Christmas. I have never met her, or even left her a comment, but still teared up while reading. I read another blog which I couldn't wait to show MK. The writer attended a wedding in which all of the groomsmen wore black Chucks. MK was just telling me that she hopes everyone in her bridal party wears for the guys and white for the girls. (She's 13, let's hope that is a long way off.) She loved it. I also read a blog that deeply disappointed me. You never know what you'll learn. But that is the blogging world.

Two pairs of MK's Chucks...the off-white ones were custom made for her via the Converse website. She completely designed them. She also has a black pair.

Blogging was introduced to me by Melissa. She encouraged me to start it as a way to document things for the kids. I am forever indebted to her. I know that the blogging community gives awards for blogs. My blog is not the kind that will win awards: that was never the point. I simply hope that it is a sincere look at our lives that the kids can read and remember. It is a way to share with our family and friends what's going on in our lives, because I am not the best at keeping in touch. I only wish I had learned of it sooner.

So, thank you for reading and have a great night!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tent...part 2

We had a great, albeit, uneventful time in the tent. We made it all night long and woke up freezing!! Our neighbor's dog started barking at 7:00, and we all decided it was time to go inside. But it was just so nice to be outside that we are trying it again tonight. This time it will just be T. Willy and me. MK is spending the night with a friend, and the Big Man has to work at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. It wasn't that cool when we went to sleep last night, but it's already pretty cool, so we are going to bundle up a bit more.

We just found out that my parents are going to visit us this week. They are very busy in their retirement, but found some spare time and decided to head south. We can't wait. They will get to see MK at her football game this week, and we are all very excited about that. My birthday is next Saturday, and I'm pretty sure this is the first birthday they've spent with me since 1988!

So I will leave you with a picture of T. Willy in his very warm "footie" pajamas. He is giving his best 4 year old "cheese." I will spare you a picture of me in my feet.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogging from the tent...

just because I can. We have been singing and telling stories. Now T. Willy has announced he is going to sleep. We will see. MK joined us, a nice surprise because she had been undecided all night. The Big Man may not join us. He isn't home from work yet and has to be back at work at ten in the morning. I think he would not feel quite as rested out here. So that's it for us. Good night!

80s night

MK had her friend, Chrissy, over for dinner last night. They mentioned that "Spirit Week" is coming up soon at school. They will have crazy sock day and things like that. However, the one that garnered the most attention was "80s night!" I can remember thinking how long ago the 60s had seemed in the 80s and it's no different for MK. But for me...weren't the 80s just yesterday? Anyway, the girls were asking for some ideas. It turned into dress up night. I still have my prom dress and the jean jacket that I bought from "The Gap" in 1987 with money I earned at my big career at McDonald's. So we pulled them out and had a photo op. MK wore my prom dress and Chrissy didn't have anything to wear, so we pulled out my very 80s wedding dress. T. Willy didn't want to be left out so he got to wear MK's Kindergarten graduation gown. And here are some pictures.

And last weekend we cancelled putting up the tent, because it was supposed to rain. T. Willy was so disappointed. But I did put it up the rain. I was soaked, but T. Willy is happy, so that made it worth the effort. The tent, however, stayed nice and dry, and it is supposed to get to 55 tonight, so it should be a fun time. I'll let you know!!! Here is the tent halfway finished and before the rain.

Have a great night!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My taste buds thank you

My absolute favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory. We don't have one near us, but have planned trips around cities that have them. The Big Man tries something new every time, but I get the exact same thing every time. We haven't been since we stopped (intentionally) in Birmingham last year on the way to the mountains. So, the Big Man had to go near Birmingham on Tuesday for a meeting. He packed an ice chest with him, and brought my favorite meal to me!!!! I couldn't believe it. I sort of had a hint that he might get cheesecake, but had no idea he'd get my favorite meal as well. So, here it is:

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Key Lime Cheesecake

Oh my soul. I'm thinking it's already time for a road trip.

So, thank you Big Man...I enjoyed it thoroughly for two meals, and because it was so very thoughtful.

Here is where you can help. We recently found out that there is a PF Chang's near us. A few people have told us that their lettuce wraps are even better than Cheesecake Factory's. Has anyone out there had both and can give me an opinion?

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just in case you haven't heard....

The Phillies are going to the World Series! I just thought I'd mention it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have you ever seen a silver spider?

I'm not was silver. MK and I stopped at my in-laws' house yesterday. This is what greeted me on the front porch. I nearly ran into the web. MK hid in the car. She is not a fan of spiders.

And Happy Birthday to Lyn!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good morning

All week I have looked forward to Saturday. We have no plans today, but after getting up at 5:00 every morning I couldn't wait to sleep in today...and I did. I didn't wake up until 6:50. This was actually a very good night's sleep though, because I fell asleep before 9. That is normally unheard of. What has happened to me? It was a busy week. After working 3 days as a sub and 2 days at the college, I'm doing a lot more running than when I was just working at one place.

So today is football, food and catching up on all of the household things that were left behind this week. T. Willy wants me to put the tent up tonight, so it looks like we'll be camping out in the backyard. And that's what is happening with us. Have a great day....and once again, Go Phillies!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

What's happening

Tonight MK had a game. We had a great time watching it, although the Panthers lost, and seeing lots of friends. The Big Man and T. Willy stayed through the 3rd quarter, and then T. Willy had reached his limit, so they left. I made some homemade chicken noodle soup (except for the noodles) today, and enjoyed some of that when we came home.

I work at the college on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but have been subbing at MK's school every day that I'm not at the college for about 2 weeks now. It has been wonderful!!! I wish I were there every day, but am thankful for the days I've been able to spend there. Tonight at the game tons of kids recognized me, and one even said he wished I was back, because the sub that followed me was mean! High praise coming from an 8th grader. I've been given some more dates in the future, so I'm really hoping it continues. I continue to look for a job, but a school is really where I want to be.

That's it for us. We're all doing well and no other news to report. Have a great night and GO PHILLIES!!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just some pictures

Here are pictures of the damage. The last picture is how it looked after they boarded it. A friend of mine drove by and thought I'd been pulling her leg, because she couldn't see anything unusual. It helped that the boards were painted. They've already had some people out to actually repair the damage.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Two posts in one night?

I'm too wired to sleep. The Big Man just stopped by to pick up some tools because they're going to cover the hole with some hurricane boards. He was already able to joke about it...only because no one was hurt. The car hit the back of the building by the stockroom. I'm supposed to get a picture of the outside later. He said employees were texting and calling each other and people were showing up right and left.

Here is what he told me. The 'alleged perpetrator' had gotten a to go order. He was leaving and gunned the engine and hit the building. The Big Man was saying good-night to a coworker when they felt a thud. They ran to the stockroom and everything that had been lined up along the walls was pushed to the middle and the ceiling was caved in. A cook ran into the room yelling to see if anyone would answer. He yelled back, "There's a car in here." So the Big Man ran outside and recognized the driver who was trying to put his car into gear. The police were called and responded in a minute as the driver managed to dislodge his mangled car and drive it to a nearby parking lot where he was arrested. Another crazy night for the Big Man. He starts vacation Tuesday. I'm sure it can't start soon enough!!

Another long night

So the Big Man was supposed to be home tonight around 9. He called around 8:40 and said it was going to be a long night again. I was thinking a manager was sick. Not even close. A man ran his car into the restaurant. INTO it. The Big Man sent a couple of pictures. It wasn't the dining area, thank goodness, but definitely caused damage. Thankfully no one was injured. There is a reason that big money is spent on campaigns warning people not to drink and drive!!!! I will ask for permission to post the pictures. This isn't the right time to ask. I hope you have a great night!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


So MK was sick Tuesday night and it hit me last night. It was a rough night, but I'm feeling much better today. MK has been a big help. T. Willy has tried to understand but is mostly just bored. The Big Man missed the worst of it because he worked yesterday from 5-9:30. A four and a half shift doesn't sound bad? Wrong. 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.! Ouch! Another manager was bitten by a spider. Then two days later it started to swell and became discolored, so he spent the day in the emergency room, and the Big Man had to cover for him.

Last night MK's school was supposed to have a lock-in to raise money for the DC field trip. I was scheduled to chaperone from 4-8 am. Normally the prospect of getting up at 3:00 in the morning isn't appealing, but I was actually looking forward to it! However, they postponed it, which worked out since I was under the weather. I was up at 3:00 anyway.

So that's it. I hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

T. Willy has a way with words.

T. Willy went on a field trip today with his school class. He wasn't sure he wanted to go because the destination was called 'Turkey Creek' and he told me he didn't want to see turkeys. Fortunately for him that was just the name. They walked, too far, according to him, and saw squirrels, spiders, and turtles. After he finished telling me about it, I said, "I love you ." He said, "I love you too. I like your hair and your toesies, but not your shirt.". Thank you, I think.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good morning

It has been pretty quiet around here. Today I'm subbing at MK's school, which is my favorite place. However, MK isn't going to be there. She was up sick all night so is staying home to rest. It appears that the worst is over, but she is worn out. So, I will be at her school without her. I'm even going to be in her grade, although subbing for a teacher that she doesn't have. But I would have gotten to see her several times.

For your viewing entertainment...a picture of T. Willy fresh out of the tub. This picture makes me makes me think of a tiny politician. You'll notice MK's birthday gift to the Big Man in the background. While it was a funny and practical gift, it is very hard to store.

Other than that, things are going well. I hope you have a wonderful day!!