Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A sad, sad day

Well, for me at least. I dropped my Iphone this morning and shattered the glass on it. I am so sad. My fingers may atrophy due to lack of texting. I will be heading to the AT&T store after my class.


Chel said...

Oh man, what a bummer.. hopefully you had insurance!

Chel said...

oh yeah, and maybe I should rethink my decision to get one - I drop my phone all the time. Luckily my Shadow is very durable and it also has a large screen.

melissa said...

Oh man, who knew you were such a "techie"?....... Is it "techie"?

Are you going to get the same phone?

Anniesue said...

Chel, no insurance!!! Ugh. And, I bought some devil's food cake mix tonight...will be making the cookies this weekend!!!

Melissa, hoping to get the same phone. It is the most amazing piece of technology. I am addicted and going through serious withdrawal.