Saturday, September 14, 2013


The school year is going really well.  I love my classes.  We are busy busy busy, but that's nothing new.  T. Willy seems really happy at school, and MK is doing well too. She now gets "on the floor" with customers and is learning new things all the time.  The Big Man is enjoying a rare weekend off and looking forward to a few meetings in Orlando coming up in the next month or so. 

We are still really enjoying the puppy.  She is growing so fast and learning so much.  She is getting spayed this week, so I'm a little nervous about her recovery, but the doctor assures me it will be okay.  

So that's about it.  Pictures!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

All my chicks have come home to roost.

MK's friend, CD, has been living with us for about a month. CD is from Seattle.  This weekend, CD's mom sent them to Seattle for sightseeing and a Taylor Swift concert.  They had a wonderful time, and they're now home again.  

The Big Man and T. Willy and I had a quiet weekend. Tomorrow is the Big Man's birthday.  We celebrated a little tonight. I made one of his favorite meals and a cake.  We will do presents tomorrow. 

Yesterday was puppy school. Emmy did well.  If we could get her to outgrow carsickness, it would be even more enjoyable.  

So here are some shots of her at school. She didn't master "down" as in "lie down," but she rocked the tunnel!!!