Sunday, October 05, 2008

Two posts in one night?

I'm too wired to sleep. The Big Man just stopped by to pick up some tools because they're going to cover the hole with some hurricane boards. He was already able to joke about it...only because no one was hurt. The car hit the back of the building by the stockroom. I'm supposed to get a picture of the outside later. He said employees were texting and calling each other and people were showing up right and left.

Here is what he told me. The 'alleged perpetrator' had gotten a to go order. He was leaving and gunned the engine and hit the building. The Big Man was saying good-night to a coworker when they felt a thud. They ran to the stockroom and everything that had been lined up along the walls was pushed to the middle and the ceiling was caved in. A cook ran into the room yelling to see if anyone would answer. He yelled back, "There's a car in here." So the Big Man ran outside and recognized the driver who was trying to put his car into gear. The police were called and responded in a minute as the driver managed to dislodge his mangled car and drive it to a nearby parking lot where he was arrested. Another crazy night for the Big Man. He starts vacation Tuesday. I'm sure it can't start soon enough!!

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Chel said...

wow! crazy night! it sounds like he deserves a vacation!