Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Super power I wish I had

Besides the ability to fly, right now I wish I had the ability to stop time. This is my favorite time of year and Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. But it's tomorrow already and then it will be gone. (sigh) MK often says that Saturday is her favorite day of the week. Mine has always been Thursday. On Thursday, the weekend still lies ahead of you. None of it has been used up. Of course, I'm not working outside the home right now, so my family tell me that every day is Saturday for me. I disagree, I say that every day is Monday. Better yet, every day is Thursday...because that's my favorite. Regardless, I am blessed in my life no matter what day it is and truly have much to be thankful for.

The Big Man's parents came in yesterday and surprised MK by bringing her cousin with them. She spent the night at their house and I doubt I'll hear much from her today. I learned that there is a Christmas tree farm in a neighboring town, so we may take the girls there for a little adventure. The trees are atypical since we live in the South, no firs or blue spruce, but it still could be a fun time picking out a tree and cutting it down. We'll see.

Have a great Thanksgiving and drop me a line!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If you see me laughing hysterically...

call 911...because something is probably wrong. This is something I have discovered about myself.

Last year my wonderful brother took his 3 wonderful kids, my wonderful daughter and me to NYC for the day. We had a wonderful time. His friend, Alan, was with the Kenny and Amanda Smith Band and they were giving a concert in the park, so we ended our day of sightseeing watching their concert. (Incidentally, Alan was recently acquired by the Del McCoury Band...big time bluegrass!!! Wonderful brother saw then in Philly last night.) At the end, all we had to do was take the subway back to the ferry, get in the car and head home. Too easy? Of course.

We got on the subway, made it to our stop and wonderful brother, wonderful niece, MK and I got off the train. I turned around to say something to one of the boys in time to watch the door CLOSE!!!! And both boys were still in the train with blank looks on their faces. Wonderful brother had the presence of mind to yell at the boys to get off at the next stop (Brooklyn, I think) and wait for us to take the next train. Now here we this enormous city that only w.b. knows his way around, with his 14 year old and 9 year old alone. W.B. is upset but calm, checking with people to see when the next train was running. The girls started crying. And I? I start LAUGHING know, the whole body shaking uncontrollably laughing. Trust me...not for a moment did I think this was funny. It is apparently my very inappropriate reaction to fear. Thankfully, I have had few encounters with true fear, so I didn't really know this about myself. The boys did as they were told and the story has a happy ending. But it has made me do some introspection.

I experienced another episode yesterday when T. Willy hauled the plastic ball at me. It wasn't exactly fear but it was abject PAIN that brought out the giggles. So I'm running around the house, feeling my face swell and laughing. The Big Man was asleep, and I didn't know if it was something that needed attention. You wouldn't have known it even hurt by my reaction. Oh well...just a warning. If you see me laughing (seriously, hysterical guffawing...) call the authorities!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

T. Willy on the swingset - he is getting big and independent

Visit with my folks

Two causes (See below)


So here's what happened today


MK enjoying the house with her new friend

The house - not right on the beach but within walking distance

Back from the Beach

We had a wonderful time in Destin. We went out to eat and went to the movies and slept in (sort of because our room had a lot of windows and it got quite bright) and walked on the beach and read. It was a lot of fun. My parents came with the kids for a night and MK went swimming at the beach, brave girl. We weren't so brave but had a wonderful time. The house was beautiful. I'll post some pictures...hope you enjoy them!