Monday, October 27, 2008

Just another day

So the birthday celebrations have come to an end. But it was a wonderful weekend! Many friends and family made it very special, and I want to thank each one of you who did. You know who you are!

My parents came over for breakfast on Saturday. I made french toast, my favorite, and then we left T. Willy with my dad, the Big Man went to work, and MK, my mom, and I went to the band competition. The middle school was just doing an exhibition for the high schools, but they did a great job, and made us proud! After the middle school played, we watched a couple of bands in the competition, then went to the Big Man's restaurant for dinner. We had a server named Jeff. We've known Jeff for years. He started working there in high school, I think, and just finished college, and will be leaving for the National Guard in January. MK has always thought a lot of him, because he has always been kind to her, and has never treated her like a kid, but like a real person. T. Willy is under his spell now. During the meal, he asked how to spell Jeff, and wrote it on the menu. Then he said, "I like Jeff. I am going to make him on Wii." And that it the first thing he did when he got home. There is no higher praise for him than making a Wii character in your likeness.

After dinner my mom and I went back to the high school to watch the rest of the competition. It was really good. Our hometown high school performed but did not compete, since they were the hosts. But they were amazing! We live in a band town, and it was evident. Wow!

Yesterday we went to Pensacola with my parents. Some friends of theirs moved there from Delaware a couple of years ago, so we went to church with them, then out to lunch. T. Willy made another friend...the husband, "Mr. Buddy." He wouldn't leave the poor man alone. You may have guessed that we now have a Mii named "Buddy." It was a fun day, and nice to meet some new people.

Today I subbed at MK's school, and I lined up two more days of subbing. I love it at the school, so that was great news. Otherwise, there is NO news on the job horizon. Not even an interview. It's discouraging, but if the subbing keeps up, it will be okay. I found out that the friend who started me subbing there is reading my blog now. So, thank you, KS, for putting a good word in for me! Now may I read your blog?

That's about it. Have a great day. I'll leave you with a picture of the band. It's nothing new, just a daytime picture. MK is on the 3rd row from the right, but it's really too hard to see her well. Also, I've included a picture of me before my birthday...savoring any youth that I have left. Oh I crack myself up. Seriously, age doesn't bother me a bit! Have a great day!

As I close, the Phillies are winning 2-0 in the fourth inning. This could clinch the Series for them. Go, Phils!!!!


melissa said...

O.K. I even REMINDED myself this year.


A,(once again) belated Happy Birthday, Anniesue. I dunno how you got stuck with sucha lame-o friend who never remembers birthdays, when you are so great about it!
If it's any consolation, I have a hard time remembering the kids birthdays when I fill out forms.
I hope that your birthday was a great one. (I've learned that mine have become a bit...lackluster. Ya ain't like the Old Sweet Sixteen party!!) LOL!!!
You seriously look amazing!

Chel said...

You are so beautiful!

I'm glad you had a nice birthday! So cool your parents were there.

Also, the band thing is awesome. How fun for you to go and support them.

Chel said...

oh yeah, and the WII characters.. awesome. :)