Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

So here are some pictures of the kids tonight. We had a great time and Mk was such a big help with T. Willy. She led him around and he finally got the hang of it. We tried to get him to say "Trick or Treat," but he didn't do it...he did say, "Elmo," as he held up his bucket, which we interpreted to mean, "Feed Elmo!", and "Thanks." We walked with some friends for awhile and they offered T. Willy a ride in their wagon, but he did most of the walking himself. It was fun and we have toooo much candy (if there is such a thing.)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun weekend

This weekend was busy and fun! MK had a Halloween party on Saturday night. We roasted hot dogs and made smores and played a few games and then just sat around the campfire and the girls told stories. They put up with me because I wasn't leaving nine 6th graders alone with the fire. They were all well-behaved and loud and fun! The Big Man's mom came over and watched T. Willy which was a big help.

On Sunday we went to church then MK had a Fall Festival with the Girl Scouts. It was a cluster event so several troops participated. MK let T. Willy tag along with her and they both seemed to have a good time. Today was back to school and something I have long awaited: since the time changed, MK did not have to walk to her bus stop in the dark!!! It was completely daylight and we couldn't stop laughing at how strange it felt.

I'm sorry that I don't have pictures to post but all of the pictures have friends in them. Tomorrow is trick-or-treating so I promise to post some from that! Have a great day!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Early Thanks

Thank you for the early birthday wishes. Wednesday is the big day. The "anonymous" donor is my mother in law...so now I will get Martha Stewart Living! Yea! Thanks, V!

Also, Thom, we do get Bon Appetit (I told you...it's a real addiction) I just made a flourless chocolate cake from it and it is my absolute favorite dessert!!! I also made dressing last week from the Thanksgiving issue. It was really good but I'll doctor it just a little when I make it again. It has crawfish, bacon and collard greens. I have officially embraced my "southernness" and have started eating and enjoying collard greens. I also say, "fixin' to," which is something I did not say before.

I took MK to visit her friend this afternoon out in the country. The family used to be our neighbors but now they live on 40 acres and built a beautiful home and barn. I am always so happy when MK gets an invitation because I enjoy the drive out there so much, but even more this time. We had a big surprise this time because their road is now paved. It made such a big difference.

So, there's a little update. Have a great day!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello. My name is Annette and I am an addict.

My drug of choice??? MAGAZINES!!! I cannot walk past a magazine aisle anywhere. A great evening out for me would be a trip to Barnes & Noble where I can just sit in the magazine section for hours. More specifically though, a magazine that has the word "Living" in the title...Country Living, Southern Living, Coastal Living, you get the idea. I get those 3 magazines delivered to my home but the Living magazine that I do not get anymore is "Martha Stewart Living." But I did pick it up the other day and have enjoyed it so much. I am no Martha Stewart, nor do I aspire to be, I just love the way magazines feel in my hand and, apparently, the way they look in the basket beside my bed. Now, if only I can find "Organized Living."

Checking In

Whew...I have not posted in a looong time. So I will break down what has been going on.

* The Big Man had knee surgery. He has been home since early September and goes back to the doctor on Thursday to see when he can return to work. He had torn his ACL years ago, had surgery on it once before, but aggravated it during the summer after falling off a ladder. We have all enjoyed having him home but realize it will be over soon.

* Mk had a vicious bout with strep last week and missed school for the whole week. We tried 3 different antibiotics, 2 doctor's visits and a shot before her fever dipped below 101 on Friday for the first time since Sunday. She is back to school today and feeling fine.

* T. Willy is developing a cold but it isn't keeping him down. His vocabulary is finally expanding to more than 2 words at a time and he is really going to miss his daddy when the Big Man goes back to work. They have really bonded. Usually when I get him out of bed he says "Mommy" as soon as the door opens. Yesterday he said "Daddy", so that should give you an idea.

* While MK was dealing with her illness, I developed a fierce sinus infection. Usually I am a DEEP sleeper but I was up for several hours Thursday night with a burning sore throat. To show how unusual that was, I woke up Friday morning to the sounds of the Big Man making a doctor's appointment for me. He knows I would have put it off, but he wasn't taking any chances. So I had a shot too and felt much better after a long nap.

* And...my washing machine died a horrible death and we had to get a new one. I didn't mourn it long. It went just the way it would have wanted to go...full of clothes and water.

Whew! We are finally enjoying some cool(er) weather and are looking forward to the full onset of fall and some good health. Thanks for checking in!!!