Tuesday, May 16, 2006

School Ends - School Begins

MK's last day of school is Thursday. They are having a ceremony for their last day of elementary and then dismissing them early. We are excited about the summer before us. We have a trip to DE planned, a trip for MK to visit the Big Man's parents and then an undetermined vacation. It's hard to believe how early they are out of school, but when they go back the first week of August, I remember why they are out in mid-May.

While MK's year is ending, a new semester begins for me tonight. I am looking forward to it. This class is T/Th through June. Then the class in late June when my parents are here and then July is free! T. Willy and I picked up my books yesterday so I'm ready to go.

Othewise I've just gotten some housework accomplished and some fun with the family. Last night we discovered that T. Willy is a big basketball fan. He has enjoyed shooting baskets for quite some time but last night we watched a basketball game and he squealed and clapped every time someone made a basket. It was hilarious to watch. We are not actually basketball fans as much as football and hockey fans, so we'll have to see how he reacts to those sports.

I planted some gardenia plants in the front yard and discovered my first bloom. I am including a picture of it, although it's out of focus. I was just so excited and they smell wonderful!!!

So, there's that. Have a great day!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Another birthday

MK turned 11 on Friday the 5th! Wow! We kind of threw together a last minute party with 7 girls swimming in the backyard. It was probably my favorite party ever. Just the 7 girls and my sister in law and me. It was great. They swam, ate cake and opened presents and swam some more. The girls were so well behaved and polite. What a nice day! The Big Man and I gave MK a new bike for her birthday, so I've included a picture of her on it. Happy Birthday, MK!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Twin Deeres

Today MK is taking a field trip to visit her middle school. She is getting excited about it. I cannot believe she is almost finished with elementary school! It is a nice middle school, but it's still MIDDLE SCHOOL.

My semester ended on Thursday. I am taking 2 classes over the summer but I'll have the entire month of July free. It isn't like my schedule is that taxing but it will be nice to just have a month to not think about school. I am taking one class that meets for 10 days in a row for four hours, then the other class is on Tuesday and Thursday nights for 4 hours. The overlapping T/TH will be tough but my parents are coming here to help out. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad. That will make it much easier on the kids when I'm gone all day. Then when the classes are over we are driving home with my folks and will fly back here a week later. If you have been a reader for awhile you may remember my last flight did not go that well but we only have to fly one way and I'm not going to lug the carseat all around the airport. Let's hope it goes better!

Here are a couple of pictures. The first is my redneck boy and the next is his new birthday present next to the Big Man's tractor.