Saturday, October 31, 2009

I almost forgot.

Since T. Willy was dressed as a fireman, a few people tried to make
some jokes with him about fighting fires. They had no idea what a
literal kid he is. His reply when asked if he was going to fight some
fires...."I'm not really a fireman. This is just a
Halloween costume."

Goodbye, October

October was a great month! And now, MK reminded me, the holidays can begin!!

We went to sleep last night with rain, and we woke up this morning to rain. Thankfully it stopped in time for trick-or-treating, and it also brought in some lower temperatures. T. Willy was a fireman this year. His costume was great; it was warm enough, and it was reflective. He and I went door-to-door while MK and the Big Man stayed home to pass out candy. Then when T. and I got home, MK took him out to a few more houses, and I was able to pass out candy. It worked for everyone.

I had the bright idea to get a pumpkin for carving. Unfortunately, I had the idea yesterday, and there were no pumpkins to be found. T. Willy had gotten a tiny one at the pumpkin patch, so we used that. It's a mini jack-o-lantern, but we were able to make some memories.

Finally, I tried a recipe for pot roast from THE cookbook. It turned out really well, and it is going to be tried again. I was also able to use my new Dutch oven. I even used my new mixer to make mashed potatoes. What a great day!

Before and After.

Hello, beautiful!

Here is my new mixer. I haven't used it yet, but my family has been
given homework. I assigned them cookbooks and post-it notes. They are
supposed to tell me some recipes that they'd like, and I will make
them. Things have been crazy busy, and it's time to slow down and make
real food.

Speaking of cookbooks...I picked up Pioneer Woman's cookbook at the
post office today. It's more than a
cookbook; it's just a beautiful book altogether. And if you've seen
her website, the recipes are set up the same way with step by step

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday!

What a beautiful word...Friday!!! I'm so glad for Friday this week. I am really happy for the break.

Not much to write today. I had a parent/teacher conference with T. Willy's teacher after school. She had some really nice things to say about him which is always nice to hear. Then I took the kids to a movie tonight. MK developed a severe headache, so we came home, and I babied her for a good while. She is feeling better and going to sleep now. T. Willy was a big help. He was nice and quiet for her, and he drew her a picture and brought her an ice pack. What a sweet boy to help his big sister!

Tonight's pictures are just some memories of my parents' recent visit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

That face!!

The Big Man went back to work today after a vacation. It felt strange
to come home to an empty house tonight.

T. Willy had a school project to do. It was an "all about me" kind of
thing that needed pictures of him through his life. The Big Man was
going through some pictures, and he sent this sweet one. I'm guessing
T. was a little over a year in it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what I found in Chumuckla

Here is how I spent my birthday money. We left right after school to
drive to a very small area about an hour from home. I knew as soon as
I saw them that they would be mine! Thanks to my in-laws for their
generosity!! Now we are off to dinner to reward my hungry family for
their patience!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Artsy girl.

MK was not happy with a picture I wanted to post, so she sent me some
that she had taken of herself. I have permission to post these.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The face of 40

Happy birthday to me!

What a great day!

Birmingham was wonderful! We had a great time, and it went too fast! Then we came home today, and we had a wonderful time too. My parents made one of my favorite childhood dinners and bought me my favorite cake! And, the hit the jackpot! Here are a few:

This was from my parents...a huge surprise! I have wanted one of these for YEARS! Thank you so much!!!

I had a nice crockpot, but it was small. Now I have a super deluxe model that I cannot wait to use! This was from the Big Man.

The Big Man also gave me a cast iron Dutch oven. I've also wanted one for a long time. Life has been so hectic with my new is definitely time to start cooking for the family more often...or at all.

I'm already hoarse from playing this. I have been a Beatles fan since I was a teenager..what a great gift!

And a pink Eagles watch from my in-laws!!! They also gave me some money, and I have something all picked out. It's something I've wanted for years too...and I'm finally going to get it. Pictures to follow when I go shopping.

One gift I can't show you yet should be here before long. It's the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. I can't show it to you because it hasn't been released yet. It will be on Tuesday, and I will show it to you as soon as it arrives!!!

I was spoiled and am truly blessed! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful wishes! Forty has started out really well!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wrap up

It was a great night. The Cheesecake Factory was packed, but we had a
great time. We sat outside. It was a beautifully chilly night, but
there were several heaters, and it was really comfortable. The food
did not disappoint, and I'm happily full. It was dark, but I managed
to get a picture by candlelight.

Counting down

So...I turn 40 tomorrow.

It is a milestone event, and I'm absolutely okay with it. I even
embrace it. I love my life, and any changes I'd like to make are
totally mine to make. I am blessed.

The Big Man brought me to Birmingham to celebrate. It was a beautiful
fall day for a drive. We had sushi for lunch then shopped for
awhile. We came back to the hotel to rest (interpret this as
nap...after all, we are getting old and want to stay up late) and the
best part is next. We're going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
I am looking forward to my favorite meal: the only thing I ever get:
Thai Lettuce Wraps and Key Lime cheesecake. If we had one closer, I
might get something different, but we don't, so I get the same thing
every time.

So, I will enjoy the last hours of my 30s and look forward to what the
40s have to offer.

Yes, I do live in the South

Friday, October 23, 2009

Poor MK

This is a picture from tonight's game. As the color guard was leaving
the stands, we called her name, and this was her reaction.

Boiled peanuts and football

It must be Friday night!!!!

This play was touchdown Bulldogs!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Field Trip!!!

T. Willy took a field trip to the pumpkin patch today! My parents are still in town, and they were able to meet his class there. T. Willy was so excited! Flat Stanley even joined the action. Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Easier than I expected.

My mom and I took MK shopping today for Homecoming. It was a kind of
rite of passage...her first formal(ish) dress. It is absolutely
beautiful and so perfect for MK. We found it at a store we nearly
didn't try because I thought it would be too expensive. However,
there it was: the only one like it and 50% off. The fit is perfect;
we just need to find shoes.

Tonight's picture is of MK and Flat Stanley again. We ate dinner at
Moe's, so we had to take a picture of it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hold the ball, and look at me

The directions seemed very simple, wouldn't you think?

Monday, October 19, 2009

MK is so "hood"

This is a picture of her after school today.

MK said something that I appreciated today. She was correcting
someone's grammar and they called her a "grammar queen." She said,
"I'm the grammar mom is the queen."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flat Stanley...the adventure continues

MK took Flat Stanley to the high school band competition yesterday. She had a lot of fun with him, so here are some pictures!

Here he is with MK and her friend, Tayer...that isn't really her name, but that's how T. Willy pronounced it.

Here he is watching one of the bands.

Finally, here he is with Tayer and a snowball. It seemed way too cold for snowballs, but people were buying them.

The competition was a lot of fun. We planned pretty well and stayed warm! We saw lots of friends and made some new ones. The Big Man even managed to get away from work in time to see some of it. It was a great night!