Friday, October 31, 2008

Ups and Downs

I subbed today at MK's school. I had very good instructions from the teacher, and was all ready for a good day. The schedule relied heavily on technology, but technology was not my friend today. When I finally figured out how to play the video we were supposed to watch for 3/5 of each class period, and placing a 6:50 a.m. call to the teacher who probably thought he was going to get to sleep in, I was able to relax a bit. Then 10 minutes into the 30 minute video, it shut off and restarted. Fortunately, the classes were good, and had plenty of other things to keep themselves busy; however, it did create a little stress for me. Usually I dress up a bit to sub. MK usually approves my outfits and shoes, because apparently her friends keep track, but today I wasn't up to it. Of course, today would be the first time I get to meet the principal. Way to make an impression. I wasn't sloppy or anything, just not dressed up, heels, big hair...I was blouse, pants, loafers and a ponytail. Egads...Hello, principal W. whom I hope will hire me someday, I'm Annette, I have degrees in English and Reading, and yes, I wear a ponytail. What a day!

But now it's over and we're home. The kids are excited about trick or treating. The Big Man is working late tonight, so I am going to walk the kids around and leave our home unmanned. We are going with the honor system and placing a large bowl of candy on the front porch. We'll see how it works out. MK was going to walk with some friends in another neighborhood, but I decided it would be better if she came with us in ours. She is a good help with T. Willy going up to the doors.

And last night was the last football game of the year and of MK's middle school years. They combined two middle school and the high school bands for the halftime show, so here is a picture of it. They took up the entire field. It was most impressive.

Have a great day and Happy Halloween!!!


melissa said...

Oh. Sorry about the day. But, hey- At least ponytails are really in right now!!

Bridget said...

Doesn't it always seem to happen that way. Happy Halloween!!

Chel said...

That's how it goes, isn't it? Every time I am not expecting it or anticipating something is when it happens!

I'm sure it was fine! :)