Friday, November 21, 2008

MK is home

She had a wonderful time. She had so many stories, and I'm sure she'll have more as she remembers things. Her favorite thing was the Hyundai plant. She said that she walked into one building, thinking it was huge, and realized it was the smallest of the several buildings there. It was a great experience for her, and although she was carefully monitored by chaperones, was able to feel a bit independent.

My day went well, but very different than expected. I was asked to go in to teach p.e. I was there for one p.e. class (which met outside at first....have I mentioned that it is COLD here?) During that class, the principal came in and said that the teacher I was replacing was coming back. She was scheduled to drive a bus for a field trip, but there was some miscommunication and they ended up with too many drivers. He said that one of the secretaries was out and asked if I would mind working in the office. No problem. Then, while waiting for the p.e. teacher to return, another p.e. teacher received a phone call. His child was sick and he needed to pick him up. So he went to the principal, asked if I could take his class, and it looked like I was staying in p.e. Then...if you're still with me, he didn't have to pick up his son, so it was back to the office for me. I met the principal as I was entering the office. Another change of plans! A teacher had been demonstrating a science experiment (how height affects speed) and was running at full speed and tripped and fell and it looked like he had broken his wrist. So I ended up in Science class. What fun school is on the day before a week long break! (Note some sarcasm there.) But it all ended well, and I learned several things. I am also hoping that all of this interaction is going to help the principal think of me favorably if he has future hiring to do.

The school where I worked this week is being closed and a new school has been built to replace it. We found out today that our neighborhood has been rezoned and MK would be attending the new school. She is so happy that she won't have to change schools during middle school. We know several people whose kids will have to change schools...not that it's a bad thing, because the new school is a bit closer to our house and it looks beautiful. All of the teachers and administration at the old school will just be moving to the new one, but surely they'll need to add some teachers, right? I am trying to be optimistic.

Chellie asked what we're doing for the holiday. We will be home. The Big Man is working until 3:00 or so, so the kids and I may go to his restaurant for a late breakfast, then we'll eat dinner when he gets home. I enjoy that, because I love to spend the day in the kitchen getting ready. My in-laws were in town for a few days, and my mother-in-law gave me a bunch of magazines with some recipes that I'm eager to try. So I'll let you know how it goes.

And we are going to do something tomorrow that we never do. We are going to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. The Big Man has an extremely rare 2nd Saturday in a row off of work before he starts a long stretch without any days off, so this is the best time for us to do it together. The cold weather has something to do with us all being in the Christmas spirit early this year. I think we have burned more fires this month than we did all of last fall/winter combined. It was so warm last year but has been really cold this year; yet no word of snow. I will continue to hope but not expect.

That's it for us. I hope you have a great weekend! I can't wait to hear about them!


Bridget said...

Wow! We are decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving for the first time also. I have always hated to see that someone has done that but we will be gone for Thanksgiving and I don't want to wait until the next weekend to start. Blake and I have been pulling boxes from the basement all morning and will be making gingerbreadmen later this evening. Somehow Rusty and Wayne escaped my decorating plans and they are out hunting for the day.

chellie said...

I'm glad MK had fun. I remember always enjoying field trips.

Wow! What a day of subbing. :) You're so positive and fun... I can see a job there for you soon.

Your Thanksgiving sounds delightful. I'm sure the new recipes will be yummy. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm hoping to set Christmas up next weekend. I just couldn't do it yet - especially with my parents coming into town - it seemed like more clutter than what it's worth. :)

melissa said...

What a crazy work day!! Glad that MK had a good time. ANd ya know, your Thanksgiving plans sound nice.