Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Day for MK

MK had an orthodontist appointment today and they took off her expander. She is so happy! They sent it home with her as a keepsake, and she asked if we had a sledgehammer. Already her speech has improved. We really had trouble understanding her with it, and she already talks really fast, so that just compounded it. But now she is speaking clearly, and just has to deal with braces. Eating has been an issue with the expander too, so she got to pick dinner tonight. She chose Chinese, which was good for everyone.

So I'm going to sit down to recover from my MSG overload and watch the CMAs.

Have a great night!


Chel said...

yay! I would have totally gobbled up the Chinese! Great choice MK!

melissa said...

Oh, MK, how wonderful! SO glad that you could get rid of that thing!!