Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good evening

Do you "hulu?" was recently introduced to me. It shows episodes of classic tv shows. I 'hulu' for one reason...Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It was broadcast in 30 minute or hour long episodes, and I cannot get enough. My brother introduced it to me when I was in high school, and it is just as good and creepy as I remember. So if you have been looking for yet another time waster, "Hulu!"

That's it for me. I sub again tomorrow, and that is the last I have scheduled. I'm hoping more dates will come up, but the job search continues. I found a job that sounded perfect for me, but it was 900 miles away. I'm afraid the commute would be a bit strenuous, so I'll keep looking around here.

Have a wonderful night!!!


Chel said...

I've never heard of Hulu :)

Good luck with the job search.. sounds like subbing is going great though!

melissa said...

For cryin out loud, woman! I am working Facebook right now like it's a JOB. I can't even get the laundry caught up.

I'll check it out. ;-)

Have a good week girl. ANd no matter what happens on the job LOKK fabulous. That's something, right? ;-) (hugs)