Monday, November 10, 2008

May I come to your house?

Well, I was thinking that earlier...things have calmed down now. Earlier we had three giggly teenaged girls and a very excited four year old running around. I was ready for a break. They were well behaved, just LOUD. I actually don't mind; I'm always glad to have MK's friends here. They helped with dinner and made tea (a big deal, if you knew the amount of tea that is consumed at our house. I don't drink it and am glad to relinquish the responsibility of making it.) One of the girls left, and one girl is spending the night because there is no school tomorrow. Do I dare dream that I can sleep till 7:00? I suspect I'll still be up and about around 6.

Subbing went well today. I had four Social Studies classes and a free period, then I had to take the last class to an assembly. It was a great day. The assembly was to honor our veterans, and it was really good. The band and chorus performed, and a few people spoke. One was a veteran of the Vietnam War, and he really personalized it. I hope the kids took it in. So thanks to all of the veterans out there for their duty and sacrifices.

And I'm off to watch football. I'm glad I don't care about either team, because the teams I do care about went 0-6 this weekend. It's much easier to enjoy the game when I won't be disappointed either way. I hope you have a great night!!

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Chel said...

That assembly sounds wonderful! How nice that you got to be there.

Sorry about the football team... :)