Thursday, September 25, 2008

A bit of this: a bit of that

I continue to fill out applications and hand out resumes, but I am not getting much feedback. A few jobs that I've applied for have closing dates of September 30, so I am really hoping one of them comes through. If not, I hope the subbing will pick up. I subbed yesterday at a different middle school. It was fun, but it was a computer class, so I just gave the assignment and the students worked independently. I preferred the other class, because there was much more interaction with the students. However, I was very thankful to be there.

My morning class is going well. It is a grammar and writing class, and they have turned in two written papers so far. I can already see some improvements, but it is also frustrating to grade papers when it is evident that some of them haven't retained a thing that has been taught. Oh well, the semester is still young.

MK had a game tonight. It was finally cool enough to wear jackets!!!! They weren't necessary, but it was kind of the novelty of wearing a jacket again after so long. At one point I looked at one of the parents and her teeth were chattering, so I let her borrow my jacket, because I was enjoying the cool air. The Big Man and T. Willy stayed until halftime, which is beyond TW's limit. He gets bored, but their routine is to see MK and the band play on the field, then they head home. I usually take one of MK's friends, and that makes it really fun. We leave for the game early and return late, and the girls don't get to eat during the game, so we stop for something to eat on the way home. Tonight I completely embarrassed myself talking into the speaker at Sonic, much to the girls' delight. Oh well. I hope it will be a good memory for them, and I am certain that they will never be able to think of peach tea the same way again.

I will close with pictures.

The first is MK in line. Her school is right next to the high school where all of the games are played. So they line up at the middle school then walk to the beat of the drums. She just looks thrilled to be there.

This is the band on the field. I won't bother trying to explain which one is MK, but she's there.

Here are some shots of T. Willy. I have discovered that it is very difficult to take a picture of a four year old boy. So, these are the best we could do tonight. If you are familiar with the real photographers in my family (my dad and brother) you would know that it is against all I've been taught to post out of focus pictures, but these just go to show that taking pictures of this active boy is a daunting task. I will add the disclaimer that all of these pictures were taken with my phone.

(Ignore this unless your initials are CD or MD.)

One more thing that continues to haunt me....last year I posted this. I was looking back through some posts and realized that there was a comment that I had not noticed before. Oh, I was so busted, and when I noticed this, I could not stop laughing. I may have seemed mean when I posted it, and that was not my intention. With one exception, I have no bad memories of the subject of that post, and remember him as a nice and very smart guy, both guys actually. I wish them the very best and hope they do not hold this against me.

Now I am actually going to complete an online interview for yet another job. Good night!!!


melissa said...

I Love the pictures, and the band/games sound fun. As for the last part of the post.....oh...ugh.

Chel said...

Peach tea... haha

I love when you post pictures!! yay!! T. Willy is so cute and MK looks fab playing in the band. I totally remember that post. Is it okay to think that whole thing is kind of funny? :)
You're so cute! Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I just read your other post, and you didn't seem mean - although they did, in that way that boys that age are always saying stupid things like that, LOL. I think it's hilarious that you got found out! I'm sure you couldn't stop laughing!

I know what you mean about taking those things to heart, though, because when I was in 7th grade I remember some boy behind me in the lunch line telling another boy that I had a big butt. I was mortified, and worse, I believed that little s***. Me and my probably size THREE AT THE TIME self. Poor adolescent girls. I think we ALL just can't let it go.