Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Someone hire me, please!!!

I really think I need a job...not for mere financial reasons, but because i.q. points are dropping daily. I was talking to a friend, completely thinking it was Tuesday, when it was only Monday. I can never find the word I'm looking for...I find that I describe things instead of naming them. Today I was so excited because in my class I figured out how to use the video "projector" but kept calling it the overhead player thing...ugh. Don't get me wrong...I really love being home. My house has never been cleaner, my laundry never so up to date...but knowing that it isn't a permanent situation makes me kind of feel guilty about it.

Oh well. That being said, I am very thankful for my class at the college. It is fun for me, and I enjoy it very much. I'm not sure about the students. I think 4 fell asleep today. An 8 am class is just too early for some kids. MK is at the bus stop by 6:10, so I'm not sure she would understand. I also was called today for my first substituting job, happily at Maddie's school, but not her grade. So things are looking up. If the subbing continues, I may be able to complete sentences again.

MK is in 8th grade this year. The school is planning 2 trips for them this year. The first is to Montgomery for...words fail me once again, I think it's the "Tolerance Tour," to visit some Civil Rights landmarks and an automobile plant. It's an overnight trip which should be really fun. Then in the spring they are planning to take a trip to Washington, D.C. Growing up 2 1/2 hours from D.C., I completely took for granted the many, many trips we took there. We took her there for a day trip a few years ago, but this will be a really in depth tour of the city. They are flying so we will be doing a lot of fundraising and saving!

So there you go. I will close with a picture! Have a great day!

This picture is me this time last year - quite possibly the last time I straightened my hair. Anyway, I had the mole on my nose removed. I had forgotten about it until I saw this picture. It makes wearing sunglasses so much more comfortable...certainly not a vanity issue. Good night!


Bridget said...

Also growing up so close to D.C. it always amazes me that people want to take trips there to vacation, sight see or just wander around. As a general rule we normally try to stay away from D.C. if possible.
Good luck on the job search, but don't you love having your laundry caught up. Let us know how that feels, I don't know if mine has ever been completely caught up.

melissa said...

#1. The picture looks awesome. And how long did it take to straighten that hair? I can't believe how different you look! I've always loved your hair. To be able CHOOSE to wear it curly or straight?? stuff of dreams for me..
#2. When y'all come to D.C. You'd BETTER call me!
#3 Go read a book.