Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day at the Beach

The Big Man was off today so we had made plans to go to the beach after my class this morning. A bag was packed with a change of clothes, bathing suit, towels, sunscreen...and it was time to hit the beach. Then a student came in and changed it all. She said that due to Hurricane Ike, the highway we needed to use flooded and it was a traffic nightmare. So instead, we ended up in Navarre, a bit down the road. When we reached Navarre, it was quickly evident that swimming was absolutely out of the question. The waves were like nothing I've ever seen down here, and the hurricane was way out in the Gulf.

This is what our part of the Gulf often looks like:

This is what it looked like today:

The last picture was technically a bay, and is usually more placid than the Gulf, but it was worth addition to the fact that the picture was taken from my phone in a moving vehicle with the window up. I love my iPhone!!!!! I named the picture of the red - do not swim flags, "Duh!"

The second half of our day was spent at the football field. It was MK's first game of the year. She, of course, doesn't play football; she is in the band. She loves being the oldest this year and had so much fun talking to her friends and watching her Panthers beat the Roadrunners 34-0!!!! The Big Man and T. Willy came for the first half, but T. Willy can only stay still for so long, so they left after the halftime show.

Now we are home. Everyone else is in bed, and it's time for me to go too!

Good night!

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Chel said...

Beautiful pictures. calm or stormy.