Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tomorrow I will substitute teach for the first time. I am very excited and hope it goes well. The teacher is a girl I worked with at my old school, and I am so excited that she asked me to fill in for her. MK has to walk past my room for 3rd period, so that should be a highlight.

Today was something of a breakthrough in my class. The students had to take a walk out of the room to observe something for a descriptive paragraph. When they came back in, they were much more relaxed than they have been. They are just now realizing that I don't bite, and really do treat them like adults. One student had walked out of the class right before we left, so he missed the instructions. When we reached our destination I realized that he wasn't with us. Finally he straggled out to where we were. He took a bit of teasing from the others, but it relaxed everyone. One student who has barely said a word yet couldn't seem to stop talking today. It wasn't disruptive, but he was answering a lot of questions and it put the others at ease too. That really made for a good morning.

Our a/c leaked some water into my closet, so I had to take everything out of it today, steam clean the floor, and wait for it to dry. I'm hoping it is dry now, because I am hoping to go in there, rearrange it and then head to bed. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on perspective, the same thing happened last year, so this year we knew what to do without requiring a visit from a repairman.

I took a picture of myself on the way to work to check my hair...it was a big hair day. Ty used an app on my phone to spruce it up a little bit. Hope you like his art work! I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Good night!

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Chel said...

I hope the substitute teaching went well! I remember always being good for them because so many kids were naughty :)

Your class sounds great.

And you are the hottest mom in all of Florida!