Monday, September 22, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Our local high school's Homecoming was this weekend. We went to the parade on Friday and also to the game Friday night. It is hard to believe that after all of the football games and parades that we've attended as spectators that next year MK will be at the school actually a part of all of it. We aren't sure what capacity freshmen have in the band, but she will be at the school. We moved here when she was 2 1/2, and now we are starting to think about high school!!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures. I didn't take any at the football game. We left after the queen was announced. Ty was exhausted, but I was able to sit with a good friend and catch up with her before taking him home. We were losing when I left, but they pulled out a win. Go, Bulldogs!!!!

Since T. Willy has outgrown strollers, the wagon came in very handy for all of the walking we did. We watched the parade right where it started, but when MK finished marching we had to pick her and her friend up at the end. It was much easier to pull the wagon than make T. walk that far.

MK is the 4th girl in. She did not like that I yelled for her, but I wanted her to know where we were. Oh well, that's a mom's job, I think.


Chel said...

yay for red wagons and cute band-girls!! I love it!

And yes, that's a mom job and no, no kid would like it. But.. it's our job. :)

melissa said...

Love the pictures! And yes, it hard to believe about the whole highschool thing!