Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So many things

First...Happy Birthday, Melissa!!!! I hope you have a great day!

Then...yesterday, as you may know, was the Big Man's Big Birthday! Somehow we were able to keep a surprise from him. I wasn't able to share it here, because he reads this. However, some of you were in on it, and it was wonderful!!!! I asked our friends and family to send him 40 of could be anything...and he really did get some of everything. He was completely surprised and touched by so many thoughtful and funny gifts!!!

Chellie sent a basket of 40 packs of M&Ms...there could not be a better choice for him. M&Ms are his favorite!!!

Melissa sent 40 packs of Splenda and a hilarious note to go with it! We use Splenda all the time, and hope a pill counter is not in his too near future!!

My parents sent him 40 pairs of socks!!! That was both hysterical and practical!

His parents gave him funny and thoughtful gifts. One thing his mom rounded up...40 Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars that he played with as a kid. He went through them remembering which ones ran better than others. She also made a photo album of many 40s in his life...40 pictures of him playing sports, etc. He spent a lot of time looking at it and sharing memories.

One of his high school friends sent a box of 40 toys...plastic airplanes and balls and those plastic guys that you wrap in a parachute and throw up high. T. Willy enjoyed that very much!

My aunt sent him 40 he will stay charged up!

I made a photo book with 40 pages of memories we have shared. I'm not sure how much he enjoys looking at 40 pages of pictures of himself, but I can't stop looking at it. It is so many of our favorite pictures all in one place. We have been together since we were teenagers...there have been many changes.

MK gave him the biggest gift, size wise at least. She gave him a pyramid of 40 rolls of t.p. He got a kick out of it, and completely got the joke, because he is constantly having to remind her to fill the roll in her bathroom.

The list goes on...I could not believe the response and am so thankful to everyone who participated. He acknowledged that a surprise party would not have been his thing, but the 40 things idea was a great way to celebrate!

So, I will close with some pictures. His parents, brother, sister in law and niece are still here...they haven't been given the all clear to return home yet, so they were able to celebrate with us. Their homes seemed to have survived intact, albeit with some yard work ahead of them, so that is great news from New Orleans. Plus, my brother in law's family is adding a new member due to their trip here...a neighbor is selling puppies and they have fallen in love and are taking one home. MK is working on us, but we haven't seen them, so aren't in love...yet. Gulp.

MK and her cousin watching the Big Man open gifts.

T. Willy drew this picture at school, so I used it on the bag holding the candy that was his gift to his dad.

Opening MK's gift.

The family gathered to sing.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks again to those who shared the day with us!!!


Bridget said...

I love this idea, both Rusty and I turn {gulp} 40 this year in December and I may borrow this idea from you, if that is ok. It sounds like so much fun! Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

Chel said...

YAY for turning 40!! Sounds like a wonderful time! I love the TP. That is cute and funny!

I think I'll steal the idea from you too... 4 more years for Dame, but it will come fast!

melissa said...

Thanks for the b-day wish. And this looked like a fun time. Glad that you posted the pictures.