Friday, September 19, 2008

The post in which I prove I have no shame

I mentioned that I made a photo book for the Big Man's birthday. I took some old pictures out of albums and scanned them, then put them on a cd. I had hidden the cd in my closet and found it when I was cleaning out my closet the other day. So, I thought I would post some of the pictures. Enjoy...and try to hold down the laughter.

This picture is the Big Man and me in 1988, our unofficial engagement picture. I am not sure why I did my hair like this, because I never wore it this way at all. It is so very 80s...the bangs, the acid washed jean skirt and pantyhose...cracks me up.

This is us Easter 1989, I think. It was taken on the steps of the West Virginia state capitol building. My mom is from Charleston, WV, and we were visiting on a weekend break from college. This is more indicative of how I wore my required a hair dryer and hot rollers and hair spray...things I have no use for anymore.

Our wedding...once again, so very 80s. To top it off and prove my point?
The bridesmaids' dresses and mine had HUGE bows in the back. I haven't seen the kids in the picture in years...they are now in their 20s but will forever be 3 and 5 to me.

Here is a picture of my parents, brother, sister in law, the Big Man, me and my nephew in 1990.

Here is my nephew from this summer.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of the Big Man and MK together. She was not yet 2.

The Big Man and T. Willy in the hospital right after T. was born.

So there was a little trip down memory lane. There are more pictures, but I think I'll save them. Have a great day!


Chel said...

Oh so fun! We cleaned out our garage the other day and I found one of my totes filled with old photos. I really need to get them scanned and share some.

Weren't the 80's great. The bridesmaid dresses... the matching dyed satin shoes... the hair!!

You still look as young as you do in these pictures. You're lucky.. and beautiful!

Bridget said...

We got married in 1987 and had the big bows in the back also. The
80's were the best, big hair and all. I will have to scan and post some of our pictures. Thanks for the glimpse into your memories.

melissa said...

BWAHAHAHA!! O.K., first of all, I remember seeing the first two pictures. And secondly, I didn't remember tht Wendy was in your wedding, do you ever hear from her?

Anonymous said...

Those are great!! :-)

I wore my mom's wedding gown in 1984 - 1950's Scarlett O'Hara with hoops and EVERYTHING, OMG. Plus I got my hair chopped really short about a week before the wedding. I'm not sure what to think whenever I look at the photos...