Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just call me Mrs. G.

Today was an absolute blast. The time just flew by. I was able to see MK several times during the day and that added to the fun. I also had the boy she likes in class, and it was really fun for me to get to see him, and I even made him talk to me. Poor kid. She later told me that he was kind of scared to talk to me. But then she told him, "It's not my mom you should be afraid of." I thought that was hilarious! I really hope I get many more calls. The teacher I was filling in for was there doing something else but was on campus, and she told many people that they should call me. I really appreciated that and hope to get to work there again.

That's it. Have a great day!!!


Chel said...

YAY! So fun for you and MK... and the boy she likes!

What did you think of him?

I'm sure you'll get a lot more calls now. You're awesome.

melissa said...

How great that you got to work at MK's school. SOunds like things are looking up!