Monday, August 18, 2008


today was the first day of school. It went really well. MK was up bright and early at 5 am and we were out the door to meet the bus a little after 6. There are only girls at the bus stop this year, and they all seemed to enjoy it that way. She was so excited to be in 8th grade and able to move the underlings out of the way, so that she could sit in the back. Her day went really well and she seems pleased with all of her teachers.

T. Willy started pre-school today. The first thing he said when he woke up this morning was, "It's Monday. I start my new school today." So I took that as a sign of readiness. The school isn't too far from our house, so the Big Man and I walked him in his wagon. He seemed to enjoy that. He walked right in, we figured out how to check in, and took him to his class. He did really well. He was a bit overwhelmed, because the class size is about twice what his last class was, but I didn't have to peel him off of me. I did choke back some tears...he's my baby...but held on and we walked home pulling an empty wagon. I knew I needed to keep busy, so I washed clothes and sheets and cleaned Ty's room. With all of the rearranging I did last week, it needed work. That kept me busy until almost time to pick him up. He will stay all day, but since it was the first day, he only stayed till lunch. They had him lying on his mat when I picked him up, and he said that was his favorite part of the day. Oh well. He can nap tomorrow. He was pretty chatty about his day and met a friend, Sarah, so that was good. He also loved snack and the playground.

Finally, my phone rang today with a job offer. Not full time, like I was hoping, but a class at the college where I taught in the spring. I am very delighted, because I loved the experience, and it is a day class, which fits perfectly into our schedule. I start Thursday! I will stop by the school tomorrow to pick up my materials. It is also at the campus which is closer to our home, so it is really good news!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...the talk of getting up so early makes me tired right now :) MK looks great and that is GREAT news re: the job offer!! Congrats!

melissa said...

Congrats on the job offer! Wow....THURSDAY! Will you be teaching the same course? The kids look great! Love the shot of T Willy!

Chel said...

MK looks adorable! And so does T. Willy. It's so fun when it's back to school time.

congrats to you! I can't wait to hear about it!