Thursday, August 07, 2008

A mixed bag

Our anniversary was a lot of fun. The Big Man would not tell me where we were going, even driving very out of the way to throw me off. None of my guesses were close. We went to a fairly new restaurant in town called "The Wild Olive." It was really nice. We live in a small town, so there are few non-chain restaurants, and it was really lovely.

My brother and his wife celebrated their 20th anniversary yesterday. So Congratulations to them!!!

However, it isn't all good. My cousin and his wife found out that their 3 year old daughter had a tumor on her kidney. She had surgery yesterday and they removed one kidney and are going to test it. If her lymph nodes are clear, they will consider it a success, but she is still going to have to endure chemotherapy. This weekend is our big family reunion at my uncle's farm in West Virginia, but I imagine the tone will be a bit subdued. Her older siblings may go with their grandparents, and it should be good for them to get to be around the family.

So there you go! Have a great day!


Chel said...

Yay for yummy restaurants! So glad you had a nice evening.

Yay for 20 years! Congratulations!

So sorry to hear about your precious little niece. My heart just aches when I hear such stories. She will be in our thoughts and prayers.

I think being around family at this time is the best "medicine" of all. Enjoy each other and treasure every moment.


Bridget said...

Happy Anniversary!!