Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bit of the random

Not much has been going on to blog about, but much has been going on. I spent a couple of days chasing down T. Willy's shot records. I was able to get my hands on them when his former doctor finally returned my calls with, "Oh, I haven't checked messages in 4 weeks." Ugh. But we are all set and T. Willy won't be getting expelled from preschool.

My dad answered the caterpillar question, but I'm still not sure why the gardenias are blooming. They are "azalea caterpillars" and are doing a number stripping the leaves on the azaleas. However, I am not really crazy about the azaleas anyway, so it may be the impetus I need to dig them up.

The kids are doing well in school. T. Willy still doesn't love it, but he walks right in and has a lot to tell me at the end of the day. He has only taken naps there twice, so if I ever find a job, that will be the hardest thing for him, I think. MK still loves her school. She has spent a lot of time studying this weekend. Her dream is to go to NYU one day. I realize she is only 13, but it is only 5 years away, so she wants to work hard, because she doesn't want to miss out. I respect her diligence.

My class is going well. I really love it. The college level is so fun!!! It is all of the things that the other levels aren't...teaching...pure teaching. I would love for this to turn into something full time, but am very thankful for this opportunity. I also got a new i.d. card and it says, Adjunct Professor, instead of Adjunct Instructor, which is what I really am. It's just fun to see.

And...for those of you watching the weather...we have family in town and others on their way from New Orleans. As I write, Gustav continues to grow with nothing but a nice warm Gulf in its way. It was even windy here earlier, but we aren't really expecting what Louisiana is facing.

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Chel said...

MK looks adorable. I love the picture too.

T. Willy has the life, doesn't he? He is as cute as can be.

I'm excited about your teaching job. I can't wait to hear more. I love that I have a friend that is a professor... cool. :)

Gustav... scary. I hope everything goes as well as can be expected.