Thursday, August 21, 2008


We were sitting on our front porch this evening and noticed a plethora of caterpillars in our azalea bushes. So here are some pictures of them. MK found them disgusting...she thinks their red faces are gross!

And these are some gardenias. They are supposed to and usually do bloom in late May. For some reason, we are getting a small helping of them in August. They aren't as fragrant as the May blooms, but still just as pretty. Do any green thumbs out there know why?


Chel said...

I was thinking "gross" at first, but they are kind of pretty!! :) nice pictures!

melissa said...

Hm. Never seen the red ones. My youngest son thinks that FL is one of the coolest states ever due to it's wide assortment of bugs and reptiles! LOL! Maybe odd weather forced out your gardenias again?? They're pretty.