Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keep will start out much more sentimental than it ends.

For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be a mother. Motherhood did not come too easily to me, but it has been as wonderful as I'd hoped. MK was my firstborn, and it seemed that she would be an only child. Then T. Willy came along and we were complete. (Just didn't want to leave him out, because this is about MK.)

MK and I have always been close. This isn't to say that she and the Big Man aren't close, or that T. Willy and I aren't, but he is his daddy's boy, and MK has always been my girl. She and I butt heads, it isn't all perfect, but we also get along well, and laugh and share and have a great time.

So, last week I had a follow up doctor's appointment in Pensacola. I took her with me so that we could do some school shopping. I was prepared to spend money and was really looking forward to some "girl time." Ugh. She was not agreeable to anything. She is 13, I blamed that...surely not my mothering skills. So we left, and drove home quietly. I believe the words, "Your father can take you next time," were spoken. But he is a busy man, and didn't get the chance, and school starts Monday. So we tried again today, with T. Willy in tow.

Please understand that MK's "style" is unique. She is vehemently "anti-prep," so I still have never set foot in American Eagle, and she would be mortified for anyone to know that she actually does own a pair of jeans from Aeropostale...her nicest pair, by the way. And this is where the disagreements start. I want very much to respect her style, but am completely tired of jeans and So I was just trying to get her to be open minded, which she wasn't last week...but was today.

It was glorious. She tried things on, liked them, and smiled!!! She even gave us a fashion show tonight, because she was so excited. She still bought jeans and a t-shirt, but even the t-shirt has a scarf with it. She also saw at least a dozen kids from school, which helped her to get even more excited about Monday. T. Willy also had a good day, because he got a snowball at the end of it. It was a good day.

Something she keeps reminding me...this time next year she will be starting HIGH SCHOOL!!!! And T. Willy will start kindergarten.

So that's it. Have a great night!!

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Chel said...

oh how fun! I can't wait to school shop with Scarlet. Although, I fear style preference and what I deem "acceptable" will vary widely. :)

I'm glad MK found some cute stuff!