Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a Band!

That is the phrase that the band director uses to describe our band. It's accurate! They are a great bunch of kids, and they really made us proud today!!!

Today was Band Fest at Pasadena City College. The bands marching in the parade performed their shows in front of a crowd. Since the entire band wasn't able to come, they asked some moms to fill in as prop holders. I was one of those moms, and I confess to being completely terrified. However, right before we went out, another mom encouraged me to just enjoy it, so I determined that I would, and I did. (In the picture, my prop is the "O" without James Bond on it.) It was a thrill to hear the crowd and be right in the middle of the band. They did such a great job, and the moms did okay too!

After the performance, we went to the Rose Bowl where the band had their official portrait taken. We were able to tour a tent where floats were being decorated, and it was neat to see them hard at work to have the floats ready before they are judged tomorrow.

We had the first free time of our trip this afternoon, so I took a nap. I felt refreshed after being in the heat all day. It was amazing how different the weather is around here. We were really hot in Pasadena, but needed jackets when we got back to our hotel which is in El Segundo.

The hotel had a buffet dinner for us, and I'm writing now from the New Year's party. They have a DJ, and the kids are all dressed up and having a ball. They'll call it a night after they're able to watch the East Coast ball drop.

Another big day tomorrow. We're going to Universal Studios and a place called Jillian's. We are busy and tired but truly having the trip of a lifetime, and we still have the parade to look forward to!

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melissa said...

What an amazing time!!! So happy that you got to experience that with Maddie!