Friday, May 02, 2008


I have to admit; High School Musical on Ice was very entertaining. We sat on the ice, the most amazing seats I've ever had. The kids loved it...I sat by screaming girls (and boys - don't tell them I know) and they sang and danced and had a blast. But what did they come back to school talking about? In one scene, a character rips off his shirt to change into another. I finally had to ask them to stop talking about it, and still 2 girls wrote about it in their journals yesterday morning. Oh well. They had so much fun and were very well behaved. I have one student who is, we'll say, unpredictable. I sat right behind her to monitor her. No need...she was mesmerized from the second the lights went down until they came up. She didn't move. I have never seen that from her before. Too bad our classroom isn't sponsored by Disney.

The Big Man kept Ty home from school yesterday and took him strawberry picking. He sent pictures throughout the day and texted what they were doing. They had so much fun that T. Willy asked to go to bed at 7:30, when normally he doesn't go till sometime after 8. He was exhausted.

After the show, I had a doctor's appointment that I had been absolutely dreading. I have had a mole on my nose for quite a long time. It wasn't too bothersome, except when I wear glasses I could feel it. I scheduled an appointment about removing it last year and completely "forgot" to go. Anyway, I actually went to the appointment on Wednesday. It was the last appointment of the day, so I figured they would look at it, evaluate and then schedue the removal. Wrong...she removed it right then. It was the most painless procedure I've ever had. I didn't feel the shot, didn't feel the removal and still feel no pain or even tenderness. I can't believe I put it off for so long. It had been there since at least high school, and now it's GONE!

So, that's it for us. Have a great day!!!

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Chel said...

I'm really glad everything went well! We were right on the ice for Finding Nemo and now I can't imagine sitting anywhere else! I'm glad you had great seats and great time!

Sounds fun... picking strawberries.. daddy-son time... awesome!