Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you green with envy?

Well, maybe not. Tomorrow we are taking a school field trip. We are going to see...High School Musical on Ice! Could I be more excited? The answer to that is, yes, I could be more excited. However, it is a day away from the classroom, so that alone makes it fun. MK is very disappointed that she isn't going. She goes on and on about how much she doesn't like HSM, so I didn't get a ticket for her, but she was hoping for a day off of school. Oh well. She, of course, has seen HSM 1 and 2, she is just at the age where it isn't cool to say so.

Speaking of MK, her birthday is Monday. She will be 13. I am amazed every time I think about it. She has declared the month of May "Maddiepalooza." There will be no living with her.

No news on the job front for next year. I applied at another Christian school in town. There is a preschool there, so T. Willy and I took a tour of it yesterday. He seemed very comfortable and even asked to go outside where the kids were playing. I think he'll be just fine.

That's about it. Have a great day!!!


melissa said...

HSM on ice...BWAHAHAHA! Too funny. But, hey...day off!!!Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday MK! the big 1-3. Wow. Hope that the job stuff brings some answers soon.

Chel said...

Fun! The musical on ice sounds... fun!
MK is such a beauty... I can't believe she is going to be 13. Where does all the time go?

Good luck with the job hunting! That Christian school sounds fabulous!