Saturday, May 10, 2008

Slumber party...NOT!

When T. Willy was born we set the alarm on our house to chime every time a door opened, so that we would hear him in the event of an escape. I rethought that around 5:00 this morning. I "slept" on the living room sofa just in case they needed anything. Apparently they needed to enter and exit the house a few dozen times. However, I think they had a good time. Some of them actually slept for a few hours. MK and a couple of friends slept on the hammock under the stars for a couple of hours. I am pretty sure she will enjoy a long nap today. They have been swimming already this morning and made their own breakfasts, played Wii and are now playing Rock Band. I am laughing that I had visions of them sleeping in and not having time for breakfast before their parents came to get them. How naive!!! Two girls left last night and two have already left...only 7 to go!!!

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Chel said...

oh yes... that is how those "slumber" parties go. I hope they had fun though. You are such a good sport-- what a fun mom!