Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We were touched by death twice this weekend. The first was a man who has been a part of my family's life since before I was born. He and his wife were very dear friends of my parents and if I remember correctly the first people to introduce themselves when my parents started attending the church that they still attend. He had battled health problems for quite some time, and was even hospitalized once when I was there, while the doctors were telling us to say goodbye. Incidentally, that was before T. Willy was born. That day I just sat by his bed and held his hand. He and his wife had agreed to "take me in" if something ever happened to my parents. At our wedding, they told the Big Man, "She's yours now," because they took that very seriously. I know that Mrs. V. is mourning today, but rejoicing in the hope of seeing him again.

The second was a friend from church. We weren't close, but she was a presence and always cheerful and friendly. She was also our age. She leaves a husband and three young children. We ate out on Sunday morning and saw her and her family there. She was so weak and in a wheelchair, so her kids were holding doors open. I grabbed the fourth door so I had a chance to say hello. It is quite shocking. She had been ill, but I think we were all hoping she would pull through.

Life is short.

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Chel said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Life IS short. I've been dealing with so much lately when it comes to that, that I have taken the saying, "life is short" very literally and in a sense, very seriously.

Sorry to hear about your losses. It's so hard. I never know quite what to say.