Friday, May 09, 2008

Field Day and Slumber Party

Today was the last Field Day at our school. Everything is like that: the last this, the last that. But it was a lot of fun, and if I can figure it out, will post a picture of a coworker and me after we were pelted with water balloons.

My night class ended on Wednesday. All but 2 people passed, and I am so sad about the two that didn't. I loved the class, and have signed up for another one for the summer, but the numbers are light, so I don't know if I will get to do it. It's a different level of English, but should still be fun.

Finally, MK is having a slumber party tonight. The girls are here and wild already. They are playing "Rock Band" right now, so I stole some time away to blog. One girl realized that her boyfriend (yes, they're 13) lives around the corner and has asked no less than 5 times to go to his house, or if we could invite him here. Ugh. I will be keeping an eye on her. We borrowed some tents from some generous friends who even helped by putting them up! Great friends, thank you W & K! We are going to roast hot dogs and make smores...should be fun. I will post pictures tomorrow if I am awake enough to think!

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Chel said...

That is so fun! You are a super cool mom! I hope MK has a nice slumber birthday.
I remember being totally boy crazy at the age... better keep an eye on her :)