Friday, May 23, 2008

Wrapping up

There are eight school days left in the year. Hooray! I have loved this year, but now that it is winding down, we are all ready for it to end. Today we had "camera day" and took lots and lots of pictures. I am going to post some. I did get permission from parents. I took a picture of myself with each student and plan to print them and then write a letter to each child and attach their pictures. It is amazing how attached I have become to each of these kids.

They journal every morning. I give them a topic and they write about it, then I respond to them. Yesterday the topic was to write about a special memory of the year. Today they were to write about what they will remember most about me. The most popular responses had to do with my, and I quote, "big bushy hair," and my red Liberty hoodie. It is often freezing in my room, so I keep the jacket at school most of the time. Once I exchanged it for another jacket and they revolted. So it was appropriate that I am wearing my jacket and having a "big bushy" hair day.

I am also going to add a picture, albeit squinty, of two of my coworkers and me. These two women have become so dear to me this year. We can talk about anything and share each other's burdens. I am not a woman who has a lot of "girlfriends," but these two qualify.

It was also red day at school to show support for the troops. It wasn't just a big coincidence. Although, I would wear red every day if I could.

So that is a literal snapshot into my life. I will miss this school very much, but am eager to see what lies ahead.


Chel said...

Those are great pictures! I am sure that they will remember way more than hair and red. You have impacted them way more than they probably even know!
Today was the last day of school here. I don't remember being emotional as a child when it was the last day of school, but Ryker got all teary-eyed. Poor kid. He loves school and his teacher-- just like your students love you.
You look stunning in red. :)

Anniesue said...

Thank you, Chel! I am missing my Chel fix because I can't read your blog. Can you help me?

melissa said...

First of look fabulous! And red really DOES look stunning on you. Second, I LOVE this post! I think that I love it because it gives us a look into your every day life. Love it. ( But I still wonder how the heck they are letting my old college rommate teach a room full of kids! LOL!!)