Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What a day!

The good news is that we registered MK for cosmetology school. She is so excited!!!!  Ty had a good day at tennis camp despite a rainy start.  

Now for the rest of the day.  We have a 2001 Dodge Durango.  It isn't new, but I love it.  It had been out of commission for a while because one of the windows wasn't working.  We just didn't have time to go to the shop to get it fixed.   It's fixed now, and we took it to register MK for school. Unfortunately, when we were nearly there, smoke started coming out of the engine.  The first place we could turn off was a Taco Bell, so we pulled off and ended up spending a couple of hours there.  Since so much smoke (which I think was really steam) was coming from our car, we attracted a good bit of attention.  Several people offered help, and we easily deduced that my radiator hose had cracked.  It was easy because it was completely separated.  So the Big Man left work, and he took care of us in pouring rain at times.  

We were able to get MK registered, so she was happy.  Then we headed home.

More smoke and the temperature gauge was reading high.  So we stopped again and called the Big Man.  This time we called AAA and had the car towed.  The Big Man picked us up, and we will find out what's wrong tomorrow.  We even made it home in time for MK to keep her obligation to watch kids at church.    

So enjoy the pictures.  I'm so happy that we were able to smile. I'm also happy that the first place to turn off was a Taco Bell and not a post office. We were entertained and fed and safe.  An employee even brought us an umbrella in the rain!

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