Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today was interesting.  It poured rain for hours!  T. Willy had to have tennis camp inside, but it seemed that he still had a fun time.  He isn't ready for Wimbledon yet, but he has learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence.  

I was looking for a place to make an I.D. tag.  I stopped one place while it was pouring about as hard as it seemed possible.  I just took my flip flops off and rolled up my jeans and walked about the parking lot in bare feet.  The water was up to my ankles. It was crazy.  

I was glad it finally stopped raining, because today was D-day.  D as in dog!  Meet Emerald, or Emmy, as she is known to us.  She is a doll, and MK is amazing with her.  T. Willy is so happy, but he's not quite sure what to do with her yet. He will figure it out soon enough. 

So that's been our day. MK is taking the night shift, but I told her I'd help out if she needed it.  I'd better get some sleep in case she takes me up on it.  Good night!

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