Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Fun

We don't live on a street full of kids T. Willy's age.  In order for him to play with other kids, we have to make plans, and his friends aren't always home during the day.  So we tried to find some things for him to do to keep him busy.  This week it's tennis camp.  

This was his idea.  He did not want to go to fishing camp, but he ended up having a ball.  But tennis camp is what he really wanted to do.  So far it's going well. He's learning a lot and building confidence.  

Last week was so rainy.  It wasn't terrible because it's green everywhere!  Grass and plants and flowers are lush (as lush as they get with our sandy soil,) and I haven't had to water in awhile.  However, it is bright and sunny today.  This makes for a lot of necessary water breaks.  

And our countdown to puppy is almost at an end.  The seller called yesterday, and we are set to pick her up on Thursday.  We are "puppy proofing" when we get home from camp tonight. We still have a few things to get for her, and I'm sure we will need plenty more.  I am prepared to feel like we have a new baby in the house for awhile.  Sleep is what I'll miss most. 

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