Friday, July 19, 2013

Dog days

That's what our lives are about right now. We have a puppy, and she demands our attention.  She has slept through the last 3 nights, and that has been really nice.  She is a biting machine, though, and my arms are proof of it.  We are working on that.  We've read exhaustively about the breed, and German Shepherds are notorious biters, so we are working through it. 

She loves being outside.  Yesterday we all went in the pool, and we tried her out in it. She was never more affectionate!  She clung to MK, but she did well.  She was outside the whole time we were in the pool, and the she napped for a long time.  Maybe some more of that in the future!

The Big Man and MK continue to work, and T. Willy is a huge help while they're gone.  He is all about rules, and he has many rules for Emmy.  We are trying to explain that she needs to explore and doesn't have to be told "No," constantly. We are all learning.  

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