Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back in the land of the living

We are pretty much all well again. The Big Man is recovering and is back at work. The kids and I are okay, and we're all just hoping illness is behind us.

Not much to report. My parents are making plans to come here in a couple of weeks. That should be fun. We haven't seen them since Christmas, and T. Willy always has some new tricks to show them. Today's trick? He has figured out that if he licks his hand and lays it on the freezer shelf, it sticks! Don't ask me how he learned it, I'm just hoping he doesn't figure out that his tongue will do it too!

Have a great day!



melissa said...

LOL! about T willy. Glad that you guys are all well. How is teaching going for you?
I know you can't wait to have your mom and dad come out for a visit!

Renee Bush said...

Annette, I hope you see this! I was pleasantly STUNNED to get your comment on my blog this evening! I looked and looked on yours, for photos, but alas, only found a few. Aaron looks EXACTLY like your father looked, in the eighties, and your daughter looks JUST LIKE YOU.
I would love to know all about your family, and Aaron's, and I did learn that your father actually sky-dived!!! SHUDDER
It was delightful to hear from you! I am ashamed that what you remember is that stupid pork chop comment! I would be a lot less sarcastic nowadays! Life and the lord have taught me a lot! You were one of the best students ever.
Renee Massi Bush

Renee Massi Bush said...

Okay; have read more now, and have seen more photos.
Disconcerting to see your dad with gray hair; we could say the same about moi! Your mother, like you, looks exactly the same as the last time I saw her; you are both still gorgoeus; your hair is still curly, and your eyes are still as beautiful as when you were in junior high! Your husband is a very lucky man. He is handsome! The kids are adorable!
On your brother's blog: Is that blonde Lynn Z. H.??? I think it must be, but I am not used to the blondness! It has to be, because I know that is her mom and step-dad, in another photo..
I see that you go home sometimes. I go once a year now, because my parents are elderly, and I feel I must use my vacation to do that. They are only about ninety minutes from N.C., but I have not gone to N.C. in about 14 years. Most of the people I knew are long gone!
Really a blessing to hear from you; a true pick-me-up.

Thom said...

Glad you are all feeling a little better! That is hilarious about T Willy, lol! You really must post a picture of that.