Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday night

Lots to do this weekend. My parents are coming here Sunday night. I haven't seen them since Christmas so I cannot wait until they arrive! It is warm here and I'd like to do some yardwork. T. Willy helped me pick out some flowers today. He had a ball, so that was inspiration to do more.

All is well at school. Everyone is adjusting to the news and just kind of thinking about the future. We are dealing with the news with a sense of humor. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of sarcasm. The kids are abuzz with news of what they are going to do next year. I have filled out a few recommendations for other schools. We're all going to be okay.

MK had the big state exams at school this week, and she is relieved to have it behind her. She is looking forward to her first surprise birthday party tomorrow. The plans are for a big night of "Rock Band." She hasn't played it before, but loves "Guitar Hero" so I think she'll like it.

And now a word from T. Willy. A few mornings ago, the Big Man got up early with us and fed T. Willy breakfast. I was getting ready, packing lunches, etc., and they were talking and laughing and having a big time. As we were on our way to school, I mentioned to T. how nice it was of his dad to get up with him. He said, "Yes, I love him...but I don't like his hair."



Chel said...

Have fun with your parents. It's always a treat when my parents come for a visit too. I know just how you feel!

Let us know what MK thinks of Rockband! We love it here!

T. Willy is so cute!!!

Renee said...

Please tell your parents hello from me! I hope your time together is a blast.
Your son's comment made me laugh. Once, a three-year-old in my care asked me why I put on lipstick every time we went out. I said, "So I'll look pretty." He answered, shrugging, "You look the same to me!"