Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greetings from the infirmary!

We have had a quiet weekend. The Big Man had minor surgery on Friday. I had planned to take the morning off, get him settled in, and then go to work so he could rest. Unfortunately MK started running a fever on Thursday, so I took the whole day off and nursed the family. After naptime the school called and said that T. Willy had gotten sick at school. So I nursed them all Friday night. T. Willy started running a fever last night, just as MK's broke. She is well today but T. Willy and I are both sick. My voice was completely gone for half of the day, so we'll see what tomorrow has to hold. It's a little inconvenient to try to teach without a voice. T. Willy slept nearly all day, which was scary because he doesn't even nap at home, but he's up and playing now.

So now I'm off to watch the Oscars, although I don't think I saw a single nominated movie. But I did get to see Amy Adams on the red carpet, the star of Enchanted, my favorite movie of the year!


Chel said...

Oh goodness! I hope everyone is on the upswing! It's so hard to have our families sick.

Feel better soon!

Emily said...

UGH! This is one nasty flu bug!! I hope you guys are up and running again soon!! Take care and get lots of rest.

noelle said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! And we loved Enchanted too :)