Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't nag

I did have pictures to post, but am having computer issues. So sorry.

All is well here. We are having a great time with my parents. Today T. Willy stayed home with my dad, while the Big Man worked and my mom and I took MK to the mall to buy Easter clothes. Her Easter outfit is not traditional in any way, but it suits her and unlike the dress she first picked out, may actually be worn again. I also got a dress which is lovely, so maybe you'll see pictures, but who knows?

The biggest treat tonight, though? MK was given an early birthday present, since my parents aren't able to be in town for her birthday. ROCK BAND!!! I couldn't believe it. I was more excited than MK. As you may recall, we played it last week at her friend's party. We were instantly hooked. And it hasn't changed. My mom and T. Willy played, but MK and I outlasted them. Finally we just had to turn it off so MK could get some sleep.

No joke...I saw this today: While in the yard at my in-law's house, the Easter Bunny walked down the hill and into a neighboring house. Okay, it was a guy dressed as the Easter Bunny with the head under his arms...anyway...the car he was exiting was a Volkswagen RABBIT. That just cracked me up. It still does, which means it's late and I should go. Good night and Happy Easter!

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