Saturday, February 02, 2008


We were graciously gifted with a Wii game system this week. It is so fun! We are all playing it together and having so much fun. MK is the best at tennis. The Big Man is the best at bowling. I am not the best at anything but enjoy it very much. T. Willy likes to watch but he hasn't played very much.

Things are going well here. My dual teaching schedule is keeping me very busy, but I am really enjoying it. I love the college class. They don't say much at all, but are starting to warm up. It's a diverse group. Their ages range from fresh out of high school to, I would guess, late 40's. They are there for all learn to speak English, to learn enough to continue in college, and to go back to college to start over in new careers. It's a learning experience for me, as well. I have no idea if this will turn into anything full time...but it may look good on a resume.

That's about it for us. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I so want a Wii...just from the fun commercials :) Charles says no way..maybe I'll forward him your blog so he'll see how much fun it is :)

Chel said...

Cool! We have 2 xbox's and an xbox 360.. but I want a Wii!!

I love hearing about your class. Try to keep us updated!!

Emily said...

I green with Wii envy! But I'm not sure our ultra competitive marriage could withstand it ;)