Saturday, February 02, 2008

Link update

I have updated my links, so I thought I would tell you about the people whose sites I enjoy.

The first is the newspaper from Delaware. No big deal to you, but it keeps me up to date on things happening in my home state.

Melissa was my roommate in college. While I am kind of a factual, here's how it happened blogger, she has the ability to turn the facts into warm and funny stories.

Fellowship Bible Church is a wonderful church near New Orleans. I mean that, even though my father in law is the pastor and I may be a bit biased.

Aaron's blog belongs to my brother. He is a talented photographer and I look forward to more posts and pictures from him (not so subtle hint.)

Chel is a friend I know just on the internet. She updates frequently with pictures of her beautiful family in Arizona, and always has something encouraging to say.

Noelle and I have been friends since elementary school. She and I have been through A LOT and it's good to have her blogging about her life near Baltimore.

Emily is Melissa's youngest sister. She has three wonderful boys and another baby on the way. She also has Melissa's ability to turn everyday happenings into something fun and special.

The Pioneer Woman lives the life that I once thought I wanted. She lives with her family on a ranch in, apparently, the middle of nowhere. However, she has a lot to say. Also, check out her cooking section, complete with step by step photos. The pictures alone will keep you going back to her site again and again.

I "cyber" met Dy via Melissa. However, I also met her and her four lovely children in real life when they were visiting our area. Check out the pictures of the changes that they have made to their "Forever Home."

The Fahmer's are people that I've met in real life, but they are really friends of my parents. They used to work at my parents' church. They recently had a beautiful baby boy named Jacob. Please take time to read about this special little boy and how the family is handling the challenges they are facing.

So, that's the update.



Chel said...

woo-hoo! I made the list. :)

melissa said...

Awwwww....It's nice to make the blog list, as well as to be able to get to know your readers!