Friday, February 15, 2008

Time to Blog Again

Nothing really new to report. We're all doing fine. We're not big observers of the Valentine's holiday, but we had a fun night. The kids got presents and I actually cooked dinner. With our hectic schedules of late, that is really a big deal! I defrost and serve food, but that night I actually cut and peeled and seasoned, etc.

On Wednesday the head of the English department sat in on my class. Wow...I was NERVOUS! I was shaking and stumbling over my words. Then we did something out of the ordinary that broke the ice. We were concentrating on writing that night. (Me teaching's almost laughable.) The assignment was to observe something and then write about it, using the things we've been learning to describe it. So we left the classroom and went to the library. It was everyone's, including my, first time to the campus library. As we walked there, Mrs. H. said she thought it was a good idea, so that really helped. One of the students also said she was nervous. She mentioned that the class was so serious. When we returned to the room, I was much more relaxed, especially when I saw Mrs. H. grading papers. She sat with me after the class and gave me some helpful, but not critical, words of advice, all of which were extremely valuable. She hired me and I really wanted her to feel that she had made a good decision.

So, that's it. Hope you have a great day!


Chel said...

I would have totally been freaked out to have her watching. I don't blame you for being nervous!
I'm sure she adored you, just like the students!

Anonymous said...

I would have definitely been freaked out if she was watching! But glad to hear it all worked out :)