Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome, January!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that Christmas is over, cleaned up, and put away. For some reason I just did not enjoy Christmas this year. Perhaps it was because I had a late start decorating and shopping. I resolve to do better next year..let's see how it goes.

We are home now. We had a lovely trip to Delaware. We visited with family and friends and had a wonderful time. Now we are home and went back to school today. It was not a difficult transition. The students were so excited to be back. I have a meeting at the college on Friday afternoon. I cannot believe that class begins Monday! It's a busy time for us, but an exciting one too.

MK has been asking for quite a while to color her hair.....PINK! On our last night in Delaware, we put a bit of pink in the front and then did some on the longest layer in the back (my favorite.) It looks really good, but we were a little concerned about what they would say at school. She was worried because she has never been in trouble at school before, but we assured her that she wouldn't be in trouble at home. She made it through the whole day and her last period teacher said that she should probably change it.The principal was out today, so she suggested we do it before the principal returns. That is what we did tonight. It didn't come out completely but has settled to a subtle shade of maroon. We are leaving the pink in the back. I will post pictures soon.

So that's it for us. Have a great day!


Bridget said...

Sorry to hear about the hair incident. Blake went through his mohawk and we lived. I figure it's only hair and it will grow back or grow out whatever the situation. Christmas was kind of a different feeling for us this year also. I was catching up on your blog and I have a brother just like that, he always makes things fun.

melissa said...

Wait-wait. YOUR daughter got in trouble at school?? (O.K., not really but it seems more dramatic) YOUR daughter?? LOL! Awww...I bet it looked SO cute on her. Maybe she could get the fake pink hair pony tail holder. Vindication!

Chel said...

I bet MK looked like a rockstar :) and so pretty!
I'm glad you are home safe and had a nice time! Hopefully big man survived with you!